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Stefanie Dolson takes her dance moves to Russia

You know it wasn't going to take long before Dolson took her dance moves to the international stage, right?

The fall and early winter is a dead time in the WNBA. The Finals are over, the draft order has been set, and we won't be talking about moves for at least another three or four months. Barring a player getting injured during international play, we may have nothing to talk about.

Now, thanks to the world of social media, and some new personalities in the league, things have changed. Washington Mystics center Stefanie Dolson is playing in Russia during the winter for Spartak. She also happens to be on the same team as fellow Mystics post Emma Meesseman. She also talked about that in a video interview with Monumental Network's Dan Nolan which is embedded above. That interview happened before she reported to Annapolis to try out for the USA Basketball women's national team which won the gold medal in the FIBA World Championships.

Anyways, over this past weekend, Dolson went to a Mexican restaurant in Russia, where she put on a show for the patrons alongside an MC who was also dancing. Check it out from her Instagram account:

Just being everyone's entertainment for the night at a Russian Mexican Restaurant!

A video posted by bigmamastef (@bigmamastef) on

I'm no expert in judging dance offs, but I'll say that Dolson wins this one. She is totally into it, while the MC is just yelling and going though the motions.

That's not all. Meesseman also posted a second video of Dolson dancing from her Instagram account with the same guys:

This crazy lady @bigmamastef is taking over this place

A video posted by Emma Meesseman (@emma_meesseman) on

Keep in mind that we're still in the month of October and the WNBA offseason is really long. Like over six months loooooooooooong.

This can't possibly be the last time we're seeing Stefanie Dolson being Stefanie Dolson during the international basketball season.