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Eurobits: More signings at Ekat, Brondello joins Ekat staff

France, Poland, Russia and Spain are already playing but there's still movement at Ekaterinburg.

Christian Petersen


Ewelina Kobryn was signed by UMMC Ekaterinburg, as they are clearly shoring up for a run at a Euroleague title.  She also played for Ekat last year.  She came off the bench for the Mercury last season, and joins Sandrine Gruda, Deanna Nolan, Candace Parker, Kristi Toliver and Alba Torrens.

Jelena Milovanovic will join Nneka Ogwumike and Anete Jekabzone-Zogota over at Dynamo Kursk.  Kursk will not only be competing in Group A in Euroleague, but they'll be competing in the same group that UMCC Ekaterinburg competes in.  According to Nagy Szilveszter over at, the 25-year old Milovanovic's scouting report reads:  "Usually starts at the 4 position, but she hasn't completed yet the transition from center. Very effective inside, needs to improve outside shooting and perimetral defense." Eurobasket and the Russian women's league will definitely give her the opportunity.

Round One began in the Russia women's league.  There were no suprises.

Sandy Brondello has joined her husband Olaf Lange in Ekaterinburg.  He will be the head coach of Ekat and she shall be his assistant coach this season.


In a pre-season cup game, two potential top ten teams in Europe - Fenerbahce and Abdullah Gul - fought it out for the Ericyes Cup.  Fenerbahce got the win 58-54, with 13 points/10 reb from Quanitra Hollingsworth and Astou Ndour added 11 points.  For Abdullah Gul, Gabriela Marginean had 14 points/9 rebounds. The Turkish season begins October 29.

Tina Charles, who will be playing for Fenerbahce this season, has arrived in Turkey and was given a clean bill of health.


Round One began in the French League, but the game between Bourges and Lattes Montpelier has been moved to December 23rd since the two teams played each other for the SuperCup title, with Bourges winning 77-62.


Round Three finished in the Polish League, with AZS UMCS and CCC Polkowice postponing their game till December 3rd.

Eurobits 10-21-2014a

Eurobits 10-21-2014b

Eurobits 10-21-2014c

Spanish League 2014-10-19