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How reporting on Daisha Simmons' transfer unfolded over the summer

Reporters in both Alabama and New Jersey have been following the story of Alabama blocking Daisha Simmons' transfer all summer.

Earlier today, we published a timeline of events regarding Daisha Simmons' attempt to transfer from Alabama to Seton Hall based upon our reporting of the story.

However, the story isn't new: reporters in both Alabama and New Jersey have been following it all summer as all the murky details unfolded.

June 21: Ryan Dunleavy of Gannett New Jersey first reported that Simmons had "gained her release to transfer". As we know now, despite Alabama granting permission to contact other schools she never actually got the full waiver to transfer.

June 26: Andrew Gribble of the Alabama Media Group reported that Alabama had released a statement reading, "We have granted her a release to contact schools closer to her home."

June 27: Duane Rankin of the Montgomery Advertiser reports that Simmons had not, in fact, gotten a full release and that Curry told Simmons' mother, Chistena, that, "...we can get a lawyer if we want. They're not going to release me."

July 15: Dunleavy reports that Simmons enrolled at Seton Hall with the expectation that she would, " immediately eligible for the women's basketball team as a graduate transfer..."

October 1: Rankin reports (1:23 a.m. EDT) that "...the NCAA has ruled she must sit this season even though she graduated last December" but Alabama sent the NCAA a letter on Aug. 29 in opposition to the ruling (see the article for a scanned image of that letter).

October 1: Jerry Carino of Gannett New Jersey reports (6:06 p.m. EDT) that Alabama spokesman Doug Walker released a statement saying, "The NCAA has made its decision in this case, and The University of Alabama considers this matter closed."

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