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Full timeline of Daisha Simmons' request to transfer from Alabama to Seton Hall

A complete timeline of events as compiled by speaking with a combination of Daisha Simmons and those close to her.

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December 2013: Simmons graduates from Alabama, she took four random undergrad classes to be eligible to play in the spring because she was not admitted into the MBA program. Considered leaving after the spring semester since she still had one year of eligibility remaining.

April 2014: Simmons didn't participate in any post season workouts because she told the staff she was considering not coming back. Right before she came home, she did tell the staff she would come back after much pressure and they made her sign a lease before she left.

May 2014: Alabama releases four of her teammates because they were deemed not good enough. One had signed a four-year contract and fought the staff on it and was allowed to remain on scholarship, just not on the team.

Simmons goes back home and meets with her mother about her options. After looking at the issues within her family --brother on Dialysis who needs a Kidney transplant and a mother with failing heath that is currently working two jobs, a mail carrier in the mornings and at target in the evenings -- she decides to proceed with the transfer.

May 25th, 2014: Simmons returns to Alabama to tell the coaching staff that she would not be returning; because she needed to be closer to home to help her family out -- and because the Crimson Tide could not help her get into any MBA programs. Alabama also did not offer a Master's in Sports Management and that is what Daisha wanted to do.

The coaching staff then told Daisha the following:

1. Multiple sources tell Swish Appeal that Crimson Tide assistant coach Kelly Curry said, "What do you need your MBA for? I have my Master's and don't use it and you won't need to either."

2. Head coach Kristy Curry told Gill St. Bernard's Mergin Sina, Daisha's High school coach, "If Daisha leaves I will do everything in my power to block her from playing professionally."

May 26th, 2014: Simmons requested her release and it was not given for almost two weeks. She then retains a lawyer. After that, she received a letter in the mail with "Permission to Contact."

"Once I got the permission to contact, I called Curry personally because I wanted to know what Simmons was like as a person," Seton Hall coach Tony Bozzella told Swish Appeal. "I talked with her husband, assistant coach Kelly Curry. He was upset that she was leaving, but he understood where I was coming from and answered the questions professionally."

Last week of May/First week of June 2014: Simmons visits both Seton Hall and St. John's. She chose Seton Hall because they had her MBA program and a special Inner City Kid program that helped kids like her get admitted into their graduate programs.

After Daisha commits, it was realized that she did not receive a full release, but only permission to contact. Once her lawyers sent another letter to Alabama, about a month later, Simmons finally received her Non-Renewal Letter in the mail, but still not a release.

She then sends her case to the NCAA, and received an answer that she has to sit out this year but can play next year because this is the most unique case the NCAA has ever seen, but since Alabama does not support the waiver the NCAA will not overrule them. This is the first time the NCAA has ever granted a sixth-year for a graduate student.

Simmons appealed this waiver to a different NCAA committee because she wants to play this last year and then pursue a professional career or enter the work force to help support her family, and again she was denied by the NCAA.

Seton Hall offered to allow her to come back and take classes on a part-time basis to finish her MBA after she completes her eligibility.

August 29, 2014: Alabama writes a letter to the NCAA declaring that it wasn't in favor of Simmons playing this season for Seton Hall. The letter was from Director of Athletics Bill Battle who states, "Given the timing that she wanted to transfer left little or no time for the women's basketball team to make alternate plans to replace her."

"I talked to Kelly Curry a few weeks (ago)," Bozzella told Swish Appeal yesterday. "He said, ‘Listen we wouldn't stop her from playing anywhere at this point -- it's water under the bridge. But, I think administration at this point is unhappy.' So that's why I'm so confused on all of this, why would the administration be mad when the coaches aren't?"

September 19, 2014: Christena Simmons, Daisha's mother spoke to Shane Lyons, Assistant AD at Alabama. He said that he will not support the waiver simply because "He is mad at how late Daisha told the coaching staff she wanted to transfer."

One of the members on the NCAA committee said that the only reason she was denied is because Alabama will not support the waiver. If Alabama supports the waiver, then Daisha will be granted the ability to play right away

October 1, 2014: We reached out to Alabama Associate Athletic Director Shane Lyons for comment. Associate Athletic Director of Communications Doug Walker responded and said he would call us for comment - that phone call never happened.

In turn Walker did send out a statement Tuesday night to the Ashbury Park Press that states, "The NCAA has made its decision in this case, and The University of Alabama considers this matter closed."

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