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2014 World Championships: Canada vs France Game Recap + Canada vs Czech Republic Game Preview

Canada fell to France and finished with a 1-2 record. They now face the Czech Republic in the 1/8 finals in a must win situation.

Photo by Getty Images.

Team Canada has work to do after their latest loss to France.

After a much better effort both offensively and defensively yesterday, they are going to have to do much of the same against the Czech Republic today.

Quick notes on Canada-France

Even though Canada lost to France and would have preferred a win, it was their best effort of the tournament. They were able to contain Celine Dumerc, tried their best to contain Sandrine Gruda and disrupted the French offense many times.  It was a close game all the way through and Canada had their chances to go ahead but couldn't quite deliver.

Michelle Plouffe led Canada with 10 points and 5 rebounds, but listed below are some key things noticed in the game.

- Good watchable game - The first two games that Team Canada played in, it was quite painful to watch at times but in this game, they were effective offensively, played better as a team and other non women basketball fans would enjoy watching the game.

- France has problems - In this game, Celine Dumerc was a non factor at times. It's pretty rare for her not to be a factor. They also had their own problems scoring outside of Sandrine Gruda. They lack something or rather are missing something.

- Mental strength - Canada has problems when it comes down to the final minute. They are great defensively and get stops, but lack the mental toughness required to over come deficits and make good plays. Many times Canada could've went ahead but missed layups, got a turnover, etc.

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Canada vs. Czech Republic

Canada's game against the Czech Republic will be televised live at 9:15 am EST on NBATV Canada. It should be a good one as both teams will be looking for a win so expect a battle.

Canada needs to figure out how to pull away from the opposition when given opportunities. They also need to rebound better and they have to play with a hunger and will to win if they want to advance to the quarterfinals against Australia.

For more of the game preview from FIBA, click here. For more on all of Canada's journey through the Worlds, check out our Team Canada storystream.