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The 2013 Swish Appeal User Awards

A belated New Year's celebration continues with this post being dedicated to our community members.

We have awards.  Guess which athlete or team won this ESPY here.
We have awards. Guess which athlete or team won this ESPY here.
Frederick M. Brown

I really wanted to post this last weekend, but with the Los Angeles Sparks news being the talk of the town, that put this on hiatus for a little bit.

Anyway, the higher ups at Vox Media have released some stats of every blog in our network which were shared internally.  In the entire SB Nation network, there was one user who managed to write almost 65,000 comments on one SBN site during all of 2013, but I swear, that user was an outlier.

Now I'd like to share our sites' specific stats with you regarding who had the most FanPosts, FanShots, and comments.  These three areas are the main places where you contribute to and help improve this site.

For the purposes of these awards, I have taken out the contributing writers, who did show up in our numbers in all three areas.


The posts you write are an important part of the site and allow us to discuss what you want to talk about.  And here were the community members who wrote the most FanPosts for 2013:

User Number FanPost I liked
C and R 37 Victory puts VanDerveer in elite 900 club
pilight 11 Who's the greatest WNBA player without a title?
Bison StarsNSpurs 6 Ode to the 2013 Silver Stars
DaSharpshoota15 5 What's to come for Phoenix for the rest of 2013?
3r1n 5 The WNBA, Procter & Gamble, and women's health
ljwb2014 4 A fan's individual player grades on the 2013 Minnesota Lynx team
jimhu 4 Know your jams!
truthtella 4 Should the Connecticut Sun trade Tina Charles?


FanShots give quick news bytes for the site, and often, they don't need some long winded post to get the message across.  Here are the community members who gave us the most FanShots for 2013:

User Number FanShot I liked
3r1n 12 Delle Donne > Harvey
ttdomi 10 Athletics cost colleges (and thus taxpayers and students) millions
jimhu 7 NYT on new rules for NCAA Women's bball
blackandgoldforever 5 Phoenix Mercury Gives Free Tickets To Skeptical Men
TruthClarity 3 ESPY Nominations for best WNBA player
luisfilipecristovao 2 Lyttle's Spain beat Prince's Russia in Eurobasket Women Day


The comments are our most interactive part of the site and give a more traditional message board feel.  Here are the members who posted the most comments in 2013:

User Number of Comments
truthtella 2687
ttdomi 1952
Shades- 1728
Scook 1251
DaSharpshoota15 877
Shannon Cotterell 736

We intend on doing this next year if the higher ups give these stats to us once again, and we definitely want to see our numbers go up in all three categories of user participation.  Happy posting and commenting for 2014 everyone!