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L.A. Sparks ownership group asked WNBA for financial assistance before giving up team

James Bowman put together a piece yesterday outlining what we think we know about what led up to the news of the Los Angeles Sparks ownership group giving up their franchise.

Two additional details emerged yesterday as the L.A. media is starting to dig into this story a bit.

  • CBS LA reported that the Williams Group Holdings ownership group notified the WNBA of its intention to find new owners on December 16, consistent with reports that league president Laurel Richie found out about the issue "before the holidays".
  • Melissa Rohlin of the Los Angeles Times reported that CEO Paula Madison, "...asked the league if it could help provide financial assistance for the Sparks, but was told the WNBA was not in a position do so." It's not clear if that happened on December 16 or prior.

What still stands out as curious: what changed between December 5 - when they announced an extension of coach Carol Ross' contract - and December 16?

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