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Seattle Storm could lose Bing sponsorship

Jayda Evans of the Seattle Times reports that the Seattle Storm's sponsorship deal with Bing that paid them $1 million annually has expired and left the franchise searching for a new partnership.

The Storm could lose its title sponsor, Bing, according to team co-owner Lisa Brummel, who's a Microsoft executive. Seattle isn't expected to suffer like LA, however...Seven teams in the league had similar contracts. New York lost its Foxwoods Casino sponsor that originated in 2010.

There are reports that six teams saw a slight profit in 2013. Storm president and CEO Karen Bryant confirmed Seattle is one of those teams.

With Seattle being a profitable team in a city that has generally been supportive of the WNBA, this certainly isn't a crisis and Brummel even tells Evans that a new deal isn't essential. But news of multiple teams losing sponsors isn't exactly encouraging either for those with an eye on the league's health.