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Sparks Watch Day 30: An update on the Fan Petition

We're about to complete our first month of the series. It is now Day 30, and still no apparent end in sight to this situation. So here's a quick update on the fan petition to keep them in LA.


Two Sparks fans, Chris Woodmansee and Callan McClurg created the petition in early January to get fans to get their voices heard on keeping the team in Los Angeles.

While Joe Lacob and the Golden State Warriors certainly are a viable candidate to buy the team, this also would result in the team's relocation to the San Francisco Bay Area.  And over the past week, we have begun to hear some rumors that there may be groups interested in buying the team and keeping it in LA.

Currently, Woodmansee's and McClurg's petition has 1,150 signatures as of about 3:00 PM ET.  And to sign the petition, click here.

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..and by the way... the arbitrary deadline for Lacob and the Warriors to buy the Sparks?  TWO days now...