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Golden State Warriors express interest in buying the Los Angeles Sparks WNBA franchise

The NBA's Golden State Warriors, led by their majority owner Joe Lacob, have expressed interest in acquiring the Los Angeles Sparks WNBA team.


According to Michelle Smith of ESPN, the Warriors organization has confirmed its interest in the Sparks, just one day after it was announced that Paula Madison would no longer own the team.

Warriors spokesman Raymond Ridder provided a statement that a WNBA team acquisition isn't imminent, though the team is interested:

Our ownership group has maintained their interest in operating a WNBA team in the Bay Area since acquiring the Warriors three years ago. We've had exploratory conversations relating to this topic with the WNBA on several occasions since 2010, including most recently regarding the Los Angeles franchise. At this point, our dialogue remains in the exploratory stage as we evaluate the complexities of any such acquisition now or in the future.

At any rate, if Joe Lacob and the Warriors organization ultimately buy the Sparks, the franchise will relocate to the San Francisco Bay, perhaps as early as this summer.

Lacob has also been a known long-time women's basketball supporter as he used to own the San Jose Lasers of the now-defunct American Basketball League, and also is a season ticket holder for the Stanford University women's basketball team.

This should be good news for the WNBA, from the standpoint that there still will be 12 teams in the league for 2014, even if the Sparks do move up north to the San Francisco Bay.