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All-Star Game goes to Phoenix in 2014

An Arizona website states that Phoenix will host the 2014 WNBA All-Star Game, and the WNBA confirms it with an official announcement at 1:30 pm Eastern Time.

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Update: The official notice from the league.

At the website, you won't find any information about the Los Angeles Sparks, but you will find that there is "a big announcement" that will be livestreamed from Phoenix at 1:30 pm today Eastern Time.

However, an Arizona website might already be in the know.  Jeff Metcalfe at reports that Phoenix will be hosting the 2014 All-Star Game.  And he already has the quotes to prove it!

Phoenix Suns/Mercury President Jason Rowley said the organization "didn’t think twice" about bidding for the All-Star Game, particularly given a 10 percent attendance boost from 2012 after drafting 6-foot-8 center Brittney Griner.

"It’s great for the WNBA and great for our organization," Rowley said. "Bringing the All-Star Game to Phoenix puts a stamp on a successful two years. When you bring in something with more of a national feel to it into your hometown, you can use it for working with your season-ticket holders and promoting women’s basketball in general."

This would be the second time that Phoenix has hosted an All-Star Game.  The article states that Phoenix hosted the game in 2000.  In 2014, there would be the added attraction of Brittney Griner not only making the All-Star Game, but playing in front of her home crowd fans.

(Now,, if you could just give us some information about the Sparks....)