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Tayler Hill and David Lighty are having a baby boy

Washington Mystics guard Tayler Hill and her boyfriend David Lighty will have a baby boy which is due this May. This comes after a previous announcement that Hill would miss at least part of the 2014 WNBA season due to her pregnancy.

Gregory Shamus

With the Washington Mystics' offseason being pretty quiet because collective bargaining agreement negotiations are still going on, and also the news about the Los Angeles Sparks' ownership situation is taking most of our time, the only news of consequence in DC is that second year guard Tayler Hill is pregnant.

So now we have an update on her pregnancy from her boyfriend, David Lighty on Twitter.  Like Hill, Lighty is a former Ohio State basketball player where he won more games over his college career than any other player for the Buckeyes' men's basketball program and also won All-Big Ten Defensive Team honors in 2011.  Lighty now plays for JSF Nanterre in France.  Here's his tweet:

In addition, the baby has already received his first scholarship offer from Buckeyes men's basketball assistant coach Jeff Boals:

That prompted some thanks from Mom and Dad:

Given that both Hill and Lighty are professional basketball players who graduated from Ohio State, we could see a future college standout for the Buckeyes in 2032, and possibly in the NBA after that!

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