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Asya Bussie making a difference for West Virginia defensively

ESPNU's feature on Asya Bussie's recovery from an ACL injury that caused her to miss last season.

About a month ago, I mentioned that West Virginia senior Asya Bussie was off to a good start as a 2014 WNBA Draft prospect.

Early in Big XII conference play, she has pretty much maintained the same statistical profile, which you can see at a highly efficient scorer who has about as many free throw attempts as field goal attempts, a dominant offensive rebounder, who is hampered by a bit of a turnover problem.

But coach Mike Carey highlighted something in an article by John Antonik of that doesn't necessarily show up in Bussie's statistics prior to their loss to Baylor on Wednesday night: her defensive ability.

"I've said since her freshman year that she's the best defensive post player in the country the way she can move her feet, switch out and help and recover," said Carey of Bussie. "And when she demands the ball she can score. She's a threat in the paint and you have to guard her."...West Virginia is actually fouling less this season and the reason is because Bussie is back in the post to help out the Mountaineers’ perimeter defenders.

"She’s a great weakside helper," Carey noted.

Actually, that weakside helping ability does show up in Bussie's numbers: she's one of the top shot blockers in the nation with a 6.2% block percentage (2.2 blocks per game). And at 6-foot-4, the statistical package she offers - strong block, free throw, and offensive rebounding rates - suggests that she might have what it takes to make an impact at the next level as well.

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