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Sparks Watch Day 9: Can we get answers?

Here are ten questions to which I'm sure we'd all like the answers.

Hannah Foslien

We are almost up to double-digits on Sparks Watch. And we are definitely in double-digits in the month of January. Still no word on the CBA, and if there are any talks between the WNBA and potential owners of the Sparks, they are definitely quiet. There is a dearth of WNBA news of all sides.

As we expected when we started the watch, we knew there would be days with no movement. But just because nothing is happening doesn't mean that we'll stop the watch. We plan to keep it up until it's all decided one way or another.

This leads me to think, "if there were some questions that should be answered, what are they?" Here are ten questions that we hope someone - the WNBA, ex-Sparks ownership, anybody - can answer.

1) Will the WNBA be running the Sparks next year if negotiations for a buyer fall through this year?

2) Is the WNBA talking to anyone else besides the Lacob group in San Francisco/Oakland?

3) If the Sparks get new ownership and remain in Los Angeles, is the WNBA okay with the team playing somewhere other than the Staples Center?

4) Are Sparks fans willing to pay higher ticket prices next season as the price for keeping the Sparks in Los Angeles?

5) What processes will the WNBA be putting in place to make sure something like this doesn't happen again?

6) Why has the WNBA posted nothing about Sparks ownership walking away from the club on its website? For that matter, why hasn't communication from the WNBA been more forthcoming? Even a "discussions are still in progress" every once in a while would be better than the status quo. WNBA President Richie's Twitter account has been dead since September.

7) Has any information been provided to the Sparks season ticket holders regarding the fate of their deposits for next year's tickets?

8) How long is the WNBA willing to let the negotiations go on before a final decision is made? We don't need an exact date, just something general ("a few weeks", "a month", "after the CBA is signed?")

8b) How is that CBA coming along, by the way?

9) What happened between extending Ross and contacting the league office that led to needing to give up the team?

9b) Would Ross consider returning to the team under new ownership? What about Penny Toler?

10) Did the lawsuit from the previous owners have any influence on Madison giving up the Sparks?


Are there any questions that you're just dying to know the answer to about the Sparks relocation - but haven't figured out the answer yet? Let us know in the comments!