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Open Question: Which three current WNBA players are your real "Three to See?"

Happy first day after Labor Day everyone!

These three certainly qualify as a real "Three to See" for me.
These three certainly qualify as a real "Three to See" for me.
Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE

As some of you might imagine, I take a lot of issue with the term "Three to See" as it pertains to the Big Three Rookies (Brittney Griner, Elena Delle Donne, Skylar Diggins). It is a derogatory term toward the nine teams that don't have such rookies, and minimizes the accomplishments of top teams like the Minnesota Lynx. And it's also especially derogatory and is the middle finger to the Washington Mystics, the team that needed one of the Big Three Rookies more than anyone else times a million.

I hate that term so much. But it does gives me an idea for an open ended question on a day with no games scheduled.

Which three current players in the WNBA are your "Three to See?"

Regardless of whether they're rookies, sophomores, or old time veterans, let's take this time to talk about the top three players we'd like to pay our money to see in a game.

So go ahead and talk about your top three players you'd want to see, and though the Big Three Rookies have for the most part shown that they belong in the pros this season, let's turn those three words into something that's more of an accurate reflection on this league as a whole.