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Diana Taurasi kisses Seimone Augustus after getting in a minor scuffle, then is called for a foul

The Minnesota Lynx defeated the Phoenix Mercury, 85-62, but one particular event did catch the eye of many.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

During the game's fourth quarter, Mercury guard Diana Taurasi and Lynx guard Seimone Augustus were getting into it and got into a minor scuffle, an official stepped, in, Taurasi kisses Augustus on the cheek in an almost sarcastic manner, and then fouls were assessed. I'll just show you a YouTube clip of it.

Some of my friends saw it when it happened. They thought that it didn't mean anything. But they believed that something like this could just perpetuate negative stereotypes that the league is just full of lesbian players and that it just shouldn't happen in a game.

I also agree that it's not a big deal but if anything, I probably have more of a problem with a foul being called for it. Sound off more on the kiss and fouls for it here. also linked the video of it which you can see here.