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Open Thread: The Big Finish... to the Regular Season starts at 1:00 PM ET

The eight teams that didn't play yesterday all have their regular season finales today starting at 1:00 PM ET which is right when football is going on! Games are on LiveAccess unless I say so.

Christian Petersen

1. Indiana Fever (16-17) at Connecticut Sun (9-24), 1:00 PM ET

This game is on TV through CPTV if you're in Connecticut.

The Fever gets a .500 record and clinches the third seed in the East with a win today because they have a better conference record than the Mystics. The Sun, well, it set awhile back since Mike Thibault took the passcodes for the slot machines and the joker cards in the poker tables away from the Casino.

2. Phoenix Mercury (19-14) at Los Angeles Sparks (23-10), 3:00 PM ET

It's on NBA TV as well if you want to watch this on TV.

Another game with nothing much to write home about. But Penny Taylor is playing really well since coming back from injury. If nothing else, Dave Miller alone is why this game will be worth watching, at least during halftime.

3. New York Liberty (11-22) at Washington Mystics (16-17), 4:00 PM ET

The Crow Song of the Day: I'm playing Sheryl Crow again. Here's "If It Makes You Happy." The lyrics are so fitting with how I feel in many ways. Really, listen to it. You won't be disappointed.

It's on Monumental Network through new media (iOS device and computers) if you're in the DC area.

The Mystics will try to get to a .500 record and possibly clinch the third seed in the East if the Fever loses to the Sun. The Liberty. I never thought that the Libs could have a record similar to that of the Tulsa Shock before the season.

In another piece of notable trivia, this is the second straight year where the Mystics will play against a WNBA superstar who is calling it quits for real after the game. Last year, the Chicago Sky's Ticha Penicheiro played her last game against DC. This year, it's Katie Smith of the Liberty.

4. Atlanta Dream (17-16) at San Antonio Silver Stars (11-22), 4:30 PM ET

I'm impressed that this ATL team may very well be unable to even get a record above .500 when it's all said and done after a 10-1 start, and not in a good way. The #2/#3 seed matchup in the East should be very exciting to say the least. As for the Stars, well, there's next year.

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day

It's not really random since I said so last Friday. Here's Lady Gaga with "Applause." We don't have games during Halloween, so this song is the next best thing since Lady Gaga looks scary in this video. Also, this song would have been a much better theme song for the league because the teams are living and dying for our applause. :)

The video has some startling images of Lady Gaga in smeared makeup which gives me nightmares, and she does have the sea shell bra and another bra that looks like hands on her breasts but the video likely has a ton of symbolism. I like the song, and moreso than "I DON'T CARE! I LOVE IT!!," just not scary music videos.

Either way, this season certainly had ups and downs, but it does deserve our applause. At the very least, the Mystics and Storm definitely do considering the adversity they had.

I hope you enjoy today's last games, and that you enjoyed discussing games on these threads for the entire season. And thank you all for putting up with my ridiculous wittiness and sarcasm here all summer long.

Onward to the Playoffs!