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Open Thread: Two games for Wednesday starting at 7:00 PM ET

Middle of the work week. One game on ESPN 2, the other on LiveAccess. While the playoff teams have been decided, the seedings haven't, so we should still see some competitive ball tonight.


1. Atlanta Dream (17-14) at Connecticut Sun (8-23), 7:00 PM ET

This game won't be on TV and for good reason because the Sun isn't any good, and the Dream should feel comfortable as the #2 seed in the East at this point.

2. Phoenix Mercury (17-13) at Chicago Sky (22-9), 8:00 PM ET

This game is on ESPN 2, because the top two draft picks are playing. This game was the presumptive Finals in the preseason,. I can see the Sky getting to the Finals. The Mercury, not so much.

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day

The Washington Mystics made the playoffs. That means that many people within Monumental Sports are happy. We here however are eating some crow along with many other "haters" of the team who didn't give them any faith.

After yesterday's win, the Mystics probably played and dedicated one of the biggest diss songs of all time for all of the haters who never thought they could mean anything this season with this Tupac Shakur song. And no, it's not safe for work listening.

Enjoy tonight's games. While I would normally say "that's all on my plate," I don't have anything on it yet and neither do any of the other Swish Appeal writers not named Zack Ward. We are right now having some fried crow wings, breasts, legs, and biscuits courtesy of the Mystics. We hear that it tastes a little like chicken and are gladly eating it right now since we, and especially I, deserve it. :)