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Washington Mystics sweep the Minnesota Lynx in 2013 season series, win on the road 79-75

The Washington Mystics (10-13) beat the Minnesota Lynx (17-4) on the road, 79-75. With the win, the Mystics ended the Lynx's 10 game winning streak and also swept the WNBA's top team in the Western Conference, and the prohibitive favorite for the championship this season. I'll even add this. The Mystics also handed the Lynx their first home loss for 2013. Just. Wow.

Matee Ajavon scored 18 points, dished 5 dimes, had 5 steals, and 4 rebounds in the Mystics' big win against the Lynx.
Matee Ajavon scored 18 points, dished 5 dimes, had 5 steals, and 4 rebounds in the Mystics' big win against the Lynx.

For DC, Ivory Latta led the way and scored 24 points, including 19 in the first half to lead the Mystics to a 45-40 lead over the Lynx at halftime.  In addition, Monique Currie, Matee Ajavon, and Crystal Langhorne all scored in double figures with 29, 18, and 10 points respectively.  Though Michelle Snow started the game and had only two points on 1 of 5 shooting, she did grab 11 rebounds in the effort.  Ajavon also led the Mystics with 5 assists as opposed to one turnover, and had five steals as well.

For Minny, Janel McCarville sat the game out due to a concussion and Amber Harris started in her place.  Maya Moore led the way with 24 points on 9 of 15 shooting, while Lindsay Whalen and Seimone Augustus scored 19 and 18 points respectively.

Before the game, I was questioning where the Mystics were heading, and the trade deadline is coming up next Thursday and put up questions regarding the state of their team.  Even with this upset win, I still think that Mike Thibault has to alter the makeup of this team.  But for now, let's worry about that another day because the Mystics won a big game!

I will say that the Mystics starters, including all of the players who were on last year's team all played admirably.  They answered the bell emphatically tonight and then some, when facing the best team in the WNBA, at least on paper.  This was their best performance together in my opinion.  I really wanted to see more of these types of performances on a consistent basis, and that's what has to continue.

For the Lynx, this was disappointing.  But having said that, their top players did come to play.  They just couldn't tame Ivory Latta, especially in the first half.

But to head back to DC, what does this mean?  To me, the simple thing is this as they head to Sunday's game against the Connecticut Sun.  The Mystics need to make sure that they can execute and have their heads in the game regardless of who they're playing whether it's a top team like Minny or a team that's not expected to mean as much like the New York Liberty.  Bringing out efforts like what we saw earlier tonight will be what helps the Mystics get back toward .500 and towards a playoff berth.

This win wasn't perfect or ideal for the "pro-player development" side that I lean towards.  None of the rookies did anything of consequence and they need to contribute more to games.  But still, as I said earlier, the Mystics answered the bell and got a much needed win in order to keep themselves in the playoff race and to boost their confidence.

So that's all I have to say about it.  Just wow.  I'm impressed.  Very impressed.  BRAVO!