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Open Thread: The Seattle Storm hosts the Connecticut Sun at 7:00 PM Pacific Time

Late night for me (10:00 PM ET), primetime for you West Coasters. This game is on LiveAccess nationally and worldwide, and in Seattle, watch LiveWell.

Christian Petersen

The Game

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day: Here's Fifth Harmony with "Miss Movin' On." I'd rather listen to them than the WNBA theme song...

The Storm (14-14) faces off against a Sun (7-20) team that can't wait for the long offseason, and oh man. It will be a long offseason for the Casino crew.

For the Storm, this team may once again be past .500 with a win tonight. And though I found it impossible before the season began, I could see this team finish at .500 as well even with Tulsa on the horizon. Like its last two games on the road against the San Antonio Silver Stars, the Storm should be heavily favored to win where this will be victory dance:

This was actually a pretty cool video, and that wasn't a mediocre treadmill she was on. Given that today is "Take Your Health by Storm" day for the green and gold, maybe the organization will recommend the use of treadmills, as long as they aren't mediocre.

That's what I have. Enjoy the late game.