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Open Thread: Tripleheader for Sunday one on NBA TV starting at 4:30 PM ET

Let's head to the games shall we? They're on LiveAccess and one is on NBA TV.

Alberto E. Rodriguez

1. Seattle Storm (13-13) at San Antonio Silver Stars (9-17), 4:30 PM ET

These two teams have a back to back against each other, both at AT&T Center. Never have I ever thought that the Storm could be 15-13 on Wednesday... I'll let this explain things for the umpteenth time:

Sorry Kobe, the Lakers aren't winning the West. It's the Thunder's to lose. And the Rockets', and the Clippers' still have the upper hand. Even the Warriors have less of a chance of being on the treadmill as of now. That anti-gravity device is...mediocre. Then again, if anyone can prove me wrong, it's you!

2. New York Liberty (10-16) at Connecticut Sun (7-18), 5:00 PM ET

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day: Here's Anna Kendrick with "Cups ('When I'm Gone')". Players who feel "underappreciated" and are the subject of "hater-incited trade rumors" would dedicate this song to such haters when they do well on other teams, and those haters start missing them. I think this is too close to home! I'll stop when I'm ahead.

Connecticut has won two out of three vs. the Libs and goes for a 3-1 record against their rival. It will be interesting to see if New York is also trying to make a playoff push to unseat DC and/or Indy but it's pretty hard at this point. At this point I think that the Dream will hit the magic number, so will the Fever, and the Mystics will press the on button on a piece of exercise equipment in the gym. I pray to god that it's an elliptical!

3. Tulsa Shock (9-18) at Los Angeles Sparks (18-8), 8:30 PM ET

This is the NBA TV game, because Skylar Diggins is one of the Big Three. My "Three to See" are Mike Thibault holding up his fists, Mike Thibault cussing out the refs in defense for his players, and Mike Thibault designing plays for his players to win a game. :)

The Shockers beat them at home earlier this month but they are still underdogs nevertheless. #GoShock.

That's all I have on my plate. Enjoy today's games.