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Sheila Johnson to open new resort in Virginia on August 29

Here's an article in the Leesburg Today, a community paper based in Leesburg, Virginia, located about 40 miles away from Washington, DC, regarding Monumental Sports vice chairman Sheila Johnson who is also the Team President and Managing Partner of the Mystics.

Over the past decade, Johnson bought and developed a tract of land in Middleburg, Virginia, which is located in southern Loudoun County, one of the Washington area's outer suburbs and developed it into a resort property.  Loudoun County is also where Washington Dulles International Airport is, including all of the major terminals and runways though part of the Airport boundary goes into neighboring Fairfax County.  The resort is known as the Salamander Resort and Spa, and it will be a luxury resort, not just a random hotel.  It includes equestrian activities, since Middleburg is part of Virginia's "Horse Country."

The resort was supposed to open in 2010, but it was delayed due to the economic times then.  While she had the option of scaling back the resort's amenities then for an earlier opening, Johnson refused to do so, and now, it's about to open.  Johnson is a major investor in the luxury resort industry, where she invested in the restoration of the Innisbrook Resort in Tampa Bay; the Woodlands Mansion near Charleston, SC; and the Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, FL.

Though it's not a basketball read, it is definitely a good one showing how Sheila Johnson became a major player in the hospitality industry.