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Open Thread: The Connecticut Sun hosts the Minnesota Lynx at 7:00 PM ET

The league's best team faces the league's worst team, standings-wise tonight at 7:00 PM ET. Watch the game unleash, I mean unfurl itself on LiveAccess, or if you're in Connecticut, it's on CPTV Sports.


The Lynx has lost four out of their last five games and hit a wall of sorts. I don't think that it's that big of a cause for alarm in and of itself, but should they lose tonight to a team that clearly seems to be a chicken with its head cut off, then I may be thinking differently. Or maybe Minnesota is just thinking about the playoffs already and doesn't care....

For the Sun, it's clear that this team isn't in the playoff picture but yet there's only one rookie who will be out rest of the season to nurse some injuries. There has to be some major changes in store for this offseason.

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day

We're at a Casino. This song isn't about the game obviously, but I think the Sun's front office made a bad bet their team using their former head coach and their employee discounts by boppin' their heads to this tune at the Casino of the Wind:

That's all I have, enjoy tonight's game!