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Q&A with Washington Mystics rookie Nadirah McKenith on her impressions of the WNBA

Swish Appeal caught up with St. John's alum and WNBA rookie Nadirah McKenith after the Washington Mystics defeated the New York Liberty on Friday night at the Prudential Center.

Washington Mystics rookie and St. John's alumn Nadirah McKenith enjoyed a trip back home on Friday.
Washington Mystics rookie and St. John's alumn Nadirah McKenith enjoyed a trip back home on Friday.
Photo by Ray Floriani.

NEWARK, NJ - The Washington Mystics' visit to the Prudential Center is always especially meaningful for one of the visiting rookies.

Nadirah McKenith of the Mystics starred at University High School in Newark before embarking on an excellent career at St. John's. The returns to "home" allow her to connect with friends, family and other well wishers. On this night it was highlighted with a bonus: a much needed win over the New York Liberty.

McKenith is biding her time and learning. She played six minutes on the evening, handing out an assist and getting a steal. Swish Appeal caught up with McKenith post game is the Mystics locker room.

Swish Appeal: What are your impressions of the WNBA?

Nadirah McKenith: It is a very good league. You have the best players anywhere and here (Washington) I am in a situation with great teammates helping me to adjust to the higher level of play.

SA: Are there any surprises in the WNBA or is it what you expected?

McKenith: No, it is pretty much what I expected. The level of play is more physical than college, the talent is basically have to come to play every day in and practice.

SA: Can you reflect a moment on your days at St. John's?

McKenith: It was the best time. We got to go to four NCAA tournaments and a Sweet 16. At St. John's the coaches developed me and most important had faith in me. It was just the greatest time.

SA: What aspect of your game are you working on as a WNBA rookie ?

McKenith: Definitely being more vocal as a point guard. It is something I have to do o n the floor to communicate with my teammates. I am also working on my defense as well.

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