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Open Thread: Two games for Saturday starting at 8:00 PM ET

Games are on LiveAccess starting at 8:00 PM ET. Entertaining comments encouraged, mediocrity discouraged.

Storm fans will dance through the decades tonight, like these timeless fans did during the NBA playoffs!
Storm fans will dance through the decades tonight, like these timeless fans did during the NBA playoffs!

1. Phoenix Mercury (13-11) at San Antonio Silver Stars (8-15), 8:00 PM ET

Phoenix tries to go 4-0 in their new coaching regime and try to create some separation from the 4th place Seattle Storm. The second half of the season in this league often features those "Think Pink" breast cancer games and tonight is that night for the Stars. It's not just pink jerseys they're wearing, but they're playing on a pink basketball court. Owner Peter Holt deserves kudos for spending that kind of money for a game where that court is necessary only one time out of the year. Seriously.

2. Indiana Fever (11-13) at Seattle Storm (10-13), 10:00 PM ET

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day: When the Storm's fans are dancing through the decades, a mashup of styles type song is warranted. Haven't listened to this song since the 20th century here, but here's Scatman John with "Scatman." Scatting and eurodance make an interesting combination. Unfortunately, Scatman John passed away in 1999 due to lung cancer according to his wiki.

The Storm tries to get two in a row tonight. While most Mystics fans will root for the team in green and gold because that will pad the Mystics' standings position, well, yeah, you know where I stand on the Storm and its long term future though I am warming to the idea of playoffs in DC now because of Ivory Latta.

The Storm's home broadcast showed this commercial a million times because I saw the Dance Team teaching Tanisha Wright, Tina Thompson, Alysha Clark, and friends some moves, but it is Dance through the Decades night, where fans will go from the Charleston of the 20's; to the Swing ballroom in the 30's and 40's; to the bunny hop of the 50's; to the twist of the 60's; YMCA and disco of the 70's; Footloose in the 80's; Macarena in the '90's; the Chicken Noodle Soup or Soulja Boy of the '2000's, and Gangnam Style for the 2010's, at least so far.

That's all I have for today. Enjoy the games, and I look forward to seeing Dick Fain and Adia Barnes lead the fans with some dance moves from the decades!

UPDATE AT 7:15 PM ET: We have another link!

Nate posted a YouTube clip of former WNBA player Chamique Holdsclaw giving an interview to the OWN Network on her relationship with her mother.  Watch here.