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Open Thread: The Seattle Storm hosts the Chicago Sky at 7:00 PM Pacific Time

Hello everyone. Late game today if you're East, and if you're out West, it's at a good time. The Seattle Storm (10-12) hosts the Chicago Sky (15-8) tonight in the Emerald City at 10:00 PM ET. Watch on LiveAccess or KONG if you're in Seattle.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the trade deadline. Despite a number of good trade ideas that members have posted, it appears that there won't be any moves today, but to be honest I am not surprised.

Teams are either happy with what they have because the cores can win a title right now. Or maybe they are overvaluing their best players while undervaluing other teams' best players or even role players.

For the Washington Mystics, maybe they're overvaluing Matee Ajavon thinking she's a shorter version of Seimone Augustus (that's an exaggeration but GM's and HC's in one body tend to lean towards the coach more), and/or they're undervaluing the impact someone like let's say Erin Phillips and Jeanette Pohlen of the Indiana Fever could provide. Or maybe they were trying to deal players but the teams they want to deal with want no part of DC's players, at least right now.

But even if the scenarios you listed in a FanPost or a comment didn't come to fruition, you could see similar deals come about in the offseason. For DC, moves MUST be made. I've been clear what moves I want, even if certain players have to be sacrificed, but of course, you're free to disagree as to what moves they should do.

The Game Tonight

The Storm with a win keeps at least some pressure on the third place Mercury and perhaps a chance to even be 17-17 this year, which is better than last season's record WITH Sue Bird. As for Chicago, a win will get them to tie their franchise record and that much closer to securing their first playoff berth in franchise history.

That's right, this team has had a tougher road than the Washington Mystics in terms of earning postseason berths. But by being a lotto team for so long, they also have accumulated numerous young players who are now part of a core that can be at the top of the East for a long time.

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day

We've played "I Love It" because it's this league's theme song for the 2013 season.

I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!

So here's Icona Pop's most recent video which came out a few weeks ago, which is "Girlfriend" which takes some of the themes from Tupac Shakur's "Me and My Girlfriend." Some profanity here too but

I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!

So, for those of you who are interested, the duo is currently on tour. In terms of notable WNBA cities and otherwise, on August 26, they'll be in Phoenix; August 29, Hollywood (LA); August 30, San Francisco (Nate is getting his tix right now); August 31, Seattle; September 10, Minneapolis; September 12, Chicago; September 20, NYC in a SOLD OUT show; and on September 21, they're in Columbia, MD (which is in the Baltimore area, so that's close enough to DC) in a FREE SHOW! September 25, they're back in New York City with a sold out show in Brooklyn.

That compels me to complete the line:

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

That's all I have. Enjoy tonight's game.