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The WNBA Trade Deadline is on August 15

Now that we are at around the midpoint for the season, the next significant point for the season is on August 15, and to be even more specific, it's at 8:00 PM Eastern according to the Mercury's Media Guide. What is this date for? It's the trade deadline!

Penny Toler (right) is the LA Sparks' GM and you can bet that she's likely fielding trade offers and ideas, even if they don't materialize.
Penny Toler (right) is the LA Sparks' GM and you can bet that she's likely fielding trade offers and ideas, even if they don't materialize.

Unlike the NBA, where the trade deadline often has at least some number of significant, if not blockbuster deals happening at around that time, in this league, there is often very little activity. Last year, there were no trades made during the deadline, and maybe no trades during the year.

Perhaps one reason why is because a significant number of the coaches in this league are also the ones with final personnel making decision authority as general managers. What this also tells me is that the coach side is beating out the GM side. Coaches have to keep their players motivated and happy on a day to day basis. GM's who aren't coaches can afford to make cold moves without having to deal with and take heat from players directly. That is one reason why I believe that the head coach and general manager should be separate positions for every team in the WNBA.

Still, with all that said, that doesn't mean that teams aren't talking about the possibility of trades at all. There are likely many offers out there that don't end up materializing or end up on the new wire.

Also unlike the NBA where salary information is widely available on a number of sites, in this league we only know the salaries of players on rookie deals because the rules and amounts are on the CBA, and though we know max salaries, we don't exactly know who has those salaries and we can assume who has those salaries but not to a T necessarily. We can also assume that veteran bench players may only be getting a minimum deal or not much more.

But nevertheless, we all can still dream about trade scenarios. And that's where you come in.

We've seen some of you write up trade proposals in FanPosts earlier this season, and now, maybe we can see some more of those because the deadline is coming up. Some teams may be looking for a piece to help take them over the hump. Others may be trying to stockpile assets for the future.

So, we'd like to see your trade proposals involving your teams in FanPosts. If they get three or more recs, Nate will front them. Don't be afraid about whether they are "realistic" or not, or if you get strong disagreements. I'm sure that many Mystics fans do not appreciate every time I've mentioned that Crystal Langhorne must be open for a deal and that the holdovers from the Trudi Lacey regime should be broken up when feasible. But really, trade talk among fans is one of the things I love reading and talking about.

I have thought about some trades involving the Mystics, but kind of like how I mentioned earlier with Langhorne, I've thought more about who leaves DC than who comes in, so maybe you all can help me out here if you did write something on DC. If I was the Mystics GM, Ivory Latta is a must-keep barring a trade for an A-List player. And don't get me started on Tayler Hill and Emma Meesseman, unless another A-list young player comes in return! :) The 2014 1st round pick is also an asset that I'm not trading if I can help it. Otherwise, every player is open for a deal.

We look forward to seeing which trades you'd like to see involving any teams in the league that you like.