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Monday links: Looking back at the highlights of the 2013 WNBA All-Star Game

10 latent thoughts on the 2013 WNBA All-Star Game in link form.

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Considering that the WNBA All-Star Game doesn't have the weekend full of events that the NBA All-Star Game does, there was actually quite a bit of coverage granted to two hours of WNBA basketball.

The following is the first 10 things that stood out in my mind about the game with the help of some links from around the web.

1. Candace Parker's dominance: Juan Martinez of Kicks on Fire noted how Candace Parker settled into a dominant role in her first All-Star Game years removed from the time when she was considered The One. Also, she debuted the new adidas Crazy Light 3 shoes. Was it the shoes? Where's Mars Blackmon? Does he need something to do with his time now?

2. Tina Thompson's final All-Star appearance: Melissa Rohlin of the L.A. Times writes about USC alum Tina Thompson's last season in the WNBA, charting the path from a USC classroom all the way to her final trip to the league's all-star event this past weekend. Next for Thompson: more law school?

3. Ivory Latta being awesome: Ned Griffen of The Day put together a nice piece about Washington Mystics point guard Ivory Latta and the photo accompanying the article was perfect: Latta in a defensive stance and beaming, truly enjoying every moment. She has so much energy that it sometimes scares me. But it's awesome.

4. Allison Hightower's improvement: Griffen's story on Allison Hightower's development was one of the other stories I appreciated is something that's probably old hat to Connecticut Sun fans, but was worth telling again in advance of the All-Star Game. She's a testament to what an outstanding work ethic can do for anyone aspiring to be a contributor at the pro level and it's reflected in her numbers this year. Potential Most Improved Player award winner? (We'll get to that later).

5. Lin Dunn coaching in an All-Star game: Jim Fuller of the New Haven Register had a feature including Lin Dunn's reaction to being named to the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. Honestly, one of the best moments of the game was Dunn barking out instructions after drawing up a play as though this was a vital game in the standings. Truly one of the greats in the game of basketball.

6. The newcomers: Lee Michaelson of Full Court detailed the impact of newcomers on the game: nine in all, which was one short of a record.

7. Should there be an entire WNBA All-Star weekend? And should it include a dunk contest? The AP reported that Brittney Griner would be up for having a dunk contest and Rebecca Lobo makes the point that there are enough dunkers in the league now that it could actually be a viable idea. Whether that warrants an entire weekend is another question, but it's an interesting thought given that Griner dunking is a draw.

8. Laurel Richie's address: Laurel Richie addressed the media prior to the game, which Albert Lee summarized in our game thread. But Alana Glass of Forbes also had a summary of Richie's thoughts on the league, including her acknowledging that there have been significant contributions from veterans this year even as the league promotes the "3 to see"

9. The presence of the Lynx: While Candace Parker ultimately stole the show, the Minnesota Lynx had a strong presence at the game as well. Dave Campbell of the AP wondered if that storyline was overlooked as the "Four to Fear" has taken a backseat to the "3 to see" all season.

10. Griner's health: Odeen Domingo writing for USA Today Sports reported that star rookie Brittney Griner hopes to return to action for the Phoenix Mercury on Friday. She was on the bench having as much fun as anyone on Saturday.

As usual with the links, feel free to drop any additional links and thoughts in the comments. If you have longer thoughts on the game, a particular player or the season's first half, feel free to put together a fan post to share with the community.

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