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Ted Leonsis: "I am making great progress on my list of late and on my personal fitness."

Today, Ted Leonsis posted a quick entry on his blog, Ted's Take earlier today. The entry linked to a blog by Forte Fitness, an Orlando-based fitness boot camp company blog which mentioned his book, "The Business of Happiness."

The more telling quote is the very first sentence of the blog post:

I am making great progress on my list of late and on my personal fitness.

We've taken notice that Ted's lost a lot of weight since last winter when he hired Mike Thibault to be the GM and head coach of the Mystics, and he didn't look too different from the start of the Wizards' and Capitals' seasons. Then in early February, he looked noticeably thinner in an interview on Bloomberg TV. Then in early April, the Washington Post's DC Sports Bog posts this tweet of him:

Then the Bog posts a formal post on it where Wizards players noticed his weight loss, but no one knew why, and Ted has been quiet about it generally speaking.

Also if you look at Monumental Sports' website, on the Caps, Wiz, and Styx's sites, and on Ted's Take, he has updated the photos to reflect his more svelte physique. So, in short, he looks great and a lot healthier than he did at this time last year, and best of luck with him on his fitness goals.