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Open Thread: Three Matinees for Thursday starting at 12:30 PM ET

Any team that didn't play yesterday plays today in the daytime. It does make sense that the games are in the daytime today considering that the All-Star game is on Saturday, for what it's worth. Let's head to the games.

LA Sparks legend Lisa Leslie is at a game!  And this image is in our feed!
LA Sparks legend Lisa Leslie is at a game! And this image is in our feed!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. New York Liberty (7-10) at San Antonio Silver Stars (5-12), 12:30 PM ET

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day: Here's Selena Gomez with her latest big hit, "Come & Get It." I can't believe she is now 21 years old, I still remember her from "Wizards of Waverly Place" as if it were yesterday! I am getting old.

The Liberty had an exciting win on the road against the Liberty on Tuesday, and look to do it again today. The Stars appear to be out of the playoff hunt in many ways, but interestingly enough, it's not like the Storm and Shock are doing that much to differentiate themselves either.

Jake Sundstrom has an article advocating that the team just focus on next year and try to get a needed young impact player for 2014. He called it tanking, but I call it smart rebuilding and team development. Teams should do this more often in this league in my opinion even if two thirds of the teams make the playoffs.

2. Indiana Fever (7-9) at Tulsa Shock (6-13), 12:30 PM ET

The Fever lost to the aforementioned Liberty, but they are playing the Tulsa Shock which has so far continued to be a "traditional WNBA doormat" even with their new additions. Fortunately, for the Shock, their team is on a three game winning streak and is now fifth in the East, and has a puncher's chance at the 4th spot in the Playoffs.

In short, this game will be a lot more interesting than it did at this time last week.

3. Seattle Storm (6-10) at Los Angeles Sparks (12-5), 3:30 PM ET

The Sparks try to get their third win against the Storm in four matches this season. This is at home, and it's a matinee game that will bring a lot of screaming kids. On paper, it looks bad for the green and gold, but I'm one of the worst predictors out there, so....

So that's all for today and that's all for the pre-All-Star break games this season. I am still making my own performance evaluations on the teams, and they are definitely coming out during this break! Enjoy the daytime games if you can.