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Open Thread: Quadruple Header tonight including games on ESPN 2 and NBA TV

Happy Tuesday! Four games tonight, one on ESPN 2 which isn't on LiveAccess, but everything else will be unless I say otherwise.

Maya Moore is at a Twins game!
Maya Moore is at a Twins game!

1. Tulsa Shock (3-10) at Connecticut Sun (2-7), 7:00 PM ET

No one thought that both teams would be last in the West and East respectively. This is the last game of the Shock's four game road trip which has been disappointing to say the least and they definitely must win tonight if they want even a remote chance at a playoff berth. The Sun also has got to win tonight if they want to stay in contention for a playoff berth themselves.

The Random SB Nation song of the day: Some of you may not know which group's song is playing during the WNBA commercials about the "40 minutes of Fire", etc. It's by Icona Pop, a Swedish dance duo with their Top Ten hit, "I Love It" so here's the official video. Note that it does have profanity.

2. Seattle Storm (4-6) at Chicago Sky (7-3), 8:00 PM ET

This is the ESPN 2 and game. The Sky will look to remain undefeated at home as they play the injury-depleted Seattle Storm, but to be fair, this team has played competitively for most of its games and it wouldn't be shocking to see them win tonight.

3. New York Liberty (5-4) at Phoenix Mercury (7-4), 10:00 PM ET

The Liberty heads continues its West Coast road trip to face off against another one of the perceived "Big Three" Western Conference teams. The Mercury would like to extend its winning streak to five games and to keep pressure on the Lynx.

4. Minnesota Lynx (7-2) at Los Angeles Sparks (5-4), 10:30 PM ET

This game is on TWC SportsNet in the LA Area. Nationally, this game is on NBA TV and rightfully so.

The Lynx were given a beatdown a couple Fridays ago and returned the favor on their home floor soon after. But can they give the Sparks their first loss of the season at home? We'll see tonight.

So there you have it, games from the East to the West at a comfortable viewing time. Enjoy your Tuesdays everyone.