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Open Thread: New York and Chicago play in the morning; Phoenix and LA play at night on ESPN2

Like yesterday in some ways, we have both a matinee game on LiveAccess nationally and an evening game which is on ESPN2 or ESPN3 as well. The big difference is that there is a game on ESPN2 and yesterday we didn't get that luxury.

Both of these teams' players will play today, but not against each other.
Both of these teams' players will play today, but not against each other.

So happy Thursday! The weekend's almost here, and that means more games to watch including during the 9 to 5 grind....

1. Chicago Sky (10-4) at New York Liberty (6-8), 11:00 AM ET

The Random SB Nation Song of the Song of the Day: Here is Jason Derulo's "The Other Side" where I'm playing the official "lyric video." and this song is getting a bunch of airplay at least when I'm turning on the radio. There is an official video, and even an edited version, but the video content was a bit too much for me when it comes to music videos.

Watch MSG Plus if you're in the NYC area.

This I assume is another kids game. The Sky looks to keep the pressure on the Dream with a win tonight, while the Liberty looks to keep pressure on the Mystics by doing the same, in a tight Eastern Conference.

2. Phoenix Mercury (8-7) at Los Angeles Sparks (10-4), 10:00 PM ET

This is on ESPN 2 or ESPN 3, so don't turn on LiveAccess, at least if you're in the US of A.

Tonight the Mercury looks to keep the pressure on the Sparks on the road and to have a shot at the #2 seed out West. But the Sparks are still really, really good at home.

That's all I have on my plate, so enjoy the games for today and feel free to chat on the games or what's going on your mind for the work day!