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Open Thread: Two games in the West Coast today, one matinee and one evening match, starting at 3 PM ET

Two games in the W today starting at 3:00 PM ET or noon Pacific Time.


1. Tulsa Shock (3-13) at Seattle Storm (6-8), 3:00 PM ET

Watch on LiveWell if you're in Seattle.

The Storm will go for a winning streak against the hapless Shock. As a matinee, I assume this is a kiddie game and that could just augment the homecourt advantage for Seattle.

2. Atlanta Dream (10-3) at Los Angeles Sparks (10-4), 10:30 PM ET

Watch on TWC SportsNet if you're in the LA area.

The Dream has lost two in a row to Western teams. A loss tonight to LA may just "expose them" to critics who believe that their 10-1 start was due to just facing a bunch of inferior teams early.

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day

With all the games in the west, I'll play Katy Perry's "California Gurls" (yup, it's spelled G-U-R-L-S).

If you're wondering why it's a live version and not the music video which is on Vevo too, it's a little too racy with strategically designed cupcake bras, among other things. This live version wasn't as racy thankfully and I had to watch a couple of different performances before getting to this one. (Phew!)

So there you have it, two games in the West Coast for today!