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Open Thread: The Washington Mystics host the San Antonio Silver Stars at 7:00 PM ET

Happy Tuesday and we now head to the second half of July. There's one game tonight as the Washington Mystics (7-7) host the San Antonio Silver Stars (4-10) at 7:00 PM ET. The game can be seen online on LiveAccess nationally, and if you're in the DC area, log online to Monumental Network.

Michelle Snow and the Washington Mystics look to sweep the San Antonio Silver Stars later tonight.
Michelle Snow and the Washington Mystics look to sweep the San Antonio Silver Stars later tonight.

The Mystics drew first blood against the Stars and also received their first road win since June 7 when they beat the Connecticut Sun 66-62. The Stars have lost three of their last four, including on Sunday against the Connecticut Sun at the Casino.

There's not much for me to add on this game with story lines, since Thibault's now at Win 213 and the Mystics now have more wins than they did in each of the last two years. However, a win over San Antonio will give the Mystics a 5-1 record against the three Western Conference teams that aren't expected to be in the top three which include the aforementioned Silver Stars, the Seattle Storm where they split the series, and the Tulsa Shock where they swept them already. Also, this win will get them back over .500 for the first time since last month.

If they do get to over .500, does that mean that the Mystics could be past that point for the rest of the season? On one hand, I can really see it. This team has responded to the coaching of one of the best in the league, and to at least some others, the best coach in this league, and some fans in DC think this team could be this year's Indiana Fever story. But at the same time, this team needs more than just wins and a new "EYE" word over the long run.

My emotions on the Mystics team swing wildly like a roller coaster

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day Let's go back in time. I'll play Bill Withers' "Lean on Me."

I like the way the way this team is playing, but I don't like the fact that it may be trying to win now. It makes me feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I love that this team is relevant in the standings and it makes me very happy, but I also hate under-utilization of the rookies which gets me equally as angry. To be fair, the rookies are all playing and most are in the rotation, but I haven't seen them decide most games on their own.

While I get that fans of any team can feel conflicting emotions at the same time, this is the first time I've really felt so conflicted on this team's direction. If only I could be "level-headed" like some others on this site. :)

More videos from Monumental Network

The Mystics had an event just for VIP season ticket holders, and the event was a meet and greet with Kia Vaughn and Michelle Snow and it was to allow them to see how Monumental Sports creates Mystics Magazine.

One notable difference between this year's and last year's show is that last year's was a documentary-style show and this year, it's more a get-to-know the players. Here's the recap:

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If you want to see a documentary-style show, the Wizards equivalent on Monumental Network, Wizards Magazine was in that way. Here's segment 1 of Episode 14, which was the last episode of the 2012-2013 NBA season. I'd expect to see next season's Wizards Magazine to be like the Mystics' show this season.

Thinking about an open mailbag for all of us...

I've seen some other places do this, in particular during the offseason for their respective leagues, but I think we could do something along the same lines once we head to All-Star break where we, meaning all the writers all just answer questions on any team and their direction and put that in a post or two.

If anyone wants to send questions to me at least, I'm at wizfan06 CIRCLY A gmail DOT com.

That is all I have today. Enjoy tonight's basketball game everyone!