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Open Thread: Indiana plays at New York for a matinee match at 11 AM ET

I think this thread will have less activity than usual, but it's here because there's a game this morning during lunch hour or the morning rush if you're in the West Coast. The Indiana Fever (1-1) travels to Newark, NJ to play the New York Liberty (1-1) for a game at 11:00 AM Eastern. If you're in the New York City area, turn on MSG Plus.

USA Today Sports Images

In this game, the Liberty looks to get two in a row after last Friday's win vs. the Shock. The Fever looks to get back into the win column after a loss at home to the Dream. I say that the Fever has an advantage here, but not a lopsided one.

The "Random" SB Nation Jukebox Songs of the day

So, it's kids day! Therefore, we're going to play....

Kid songs. I'm not going to focus on some of the most annoying songs like:

(In all honesty though, R.I.P. Shari Lewis... I loved watching "Lamb Chop's Play Along" when I was a kid. I just didn't like that song.)

and this Purple Guy's trademark tune....:

Yeah, even I think that was irritating when I was a little kid. Instead, we'll have some real kid songs.... as in..... Kidsongs the TV show!

Kidsongs started as a home video tape series back in 1985 with 30 minute shows featuring about 10 or so songs that centered around a central theme. It ultimately turned into a television show that was aired in syndication and then on PBS in the mid 1990's. It just so happened that Kidsongs had one show dedicated to sports, so here is a full show full of sports-themed songs:

This really does make me nostalgic since I haven't seen this show in at least 15 years!

So, comment on the game, if you're able to watch it. Also, feel free to give your thoughts on the pros and cons of these matinee kids games in the comments below, and if the response is getting pretty lengthy, it may be better to make it a FanPost. And, does anyone else remember Kidsongs from back in the 80's and 90's? I may just have to listen to some full episodes all day today.

Happy Wednesday everyone!