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Open Thread: Tulsa Shock hosts the Chicago Sky for a Kids Game at 12:30 PM ET

A matinee WNBA game today as the Tulsa Shock (1-7) hosts the Chicago Sky (4-2). For many of you grownups you can watch this game on LiveAccess, at the risk of your own employment. SB Nation, Vox Media, and the NBA are not responsible for any community members' employment sanctions or terminations as a result of watching this game during company time...


On this game:

On the basketball front, the Shock has yet to win a game at home. At least the Sky is 1-2 on the road so far, so that may give some optimism for a Black and Gold victory. But this is a must win, even if there aren't many true fans in the arena today, simply because they have to work and can't take a long lunch break.

The Shock has TWO home games during the daytime, which are camp games. The next one is on Thursday, July 25 against Indiana.

The "random" SB Nation tunes of the day:

It's camp day! So I'll link you 25 minutes of "A Day at Camp" courtesy of Kidsongs!

To stay along the theme of kidsongs, I'll play some Disney Songs!

First, I'll play Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle singing "A Whole New World" from Alladin. This is not the movie version, so I saved the extreme cheesiness on how classic Disney cartoon romances go. :)

Second, Carrie Underwood, (a Muskogee,OK native - about 1 hr away from Tulsa) with "Ever Ever After" which was on the soundtrack of Enchanted, which is a great parody of so many past Disney movies. I loved watching Enchanted by the way:

Lastly, Miley Cyrus with "The Best of Both Worlds" on her Hannah Montana Show!

So that's it! Enjoy the game if you can everyone! If not, lets' talk about Disney movies! Touchstone Pictures doesn't really count.