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Jordan Madden reflects on Baylor & her basketball career

Swish Appeal caught up with former Baylor player Jordan Madden who was on ESPN radio Friday, talking about the recent Brittney Griner comments, Baylor basketball, and her attempt to play in the WNBA. We touch on some points she made in that interview as well as some additional comments.


Swish Appeal - What was it like playing for Kim?

Jordan Madden- Good. She is a good coach and she treated everyone as one.

SA-Were there a lot of team rules?

JM- Not really and they applied to all of us. Should not wear hats or nose rings.Not much else. Didn't tell us to hide our sexuality.

SA-Were you surprised by the Griner comments?

JM- Yes. Some things you should say and other things you should not say.She was happy playing for Kim.

SA-Why do you think that she made the comments?

JM- To tell you the truth I do not know.

SA-Do you still speak with her?

JM- Yes we text about basketball.

SA- Did you attempt to play in the WNBA?

JM- Yes for a little while with San Antonio. I am now in summer school. I will graduate in August.

SA- What do you think of the Baylor team next year?

JM- They have Odyssey Sims and the freshmen are supposed to be really good. They will be good.

SA- Do you want to play again?

JM- I want to go overseas and if not coach high school.

SA- What did the Louisville loss do to you?

JM- It was a big shock. There was a bad call at the end.We were coming off of 40-0.

SA- Which coach would you say you were closest to?

JM- Probably coach Brock. He worked with us a lot last year.

Q- Was there another school that you almost attended?

JM- Not really but maybe Arkansas.