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Video: President Barack Obama honors the Indiana Fever for their 2012 WNBA championship

Video of President Barack Obama congratulating the Indiana Fever for their 2012 WNBA championship and Fever coach Lin Dunn thanking Obama for his work to empower women (via White House).

Seth Pollack and Zack Ward have already provided accounts of the Indiana Fever's visit to the White House yesterday, but I'm sort of a sucker for the comments made at this event so I'm just adding the video with President Barack Obama's remarks and Lind Dunn's brief remarks.

  • First, as described at the DePauw University website, the 2013 NCAA Division III women's basketball champion DePauw Tigers were also honored at the event.
  • The Obama Diary also documented the luncheon Obama had for fathers yesterday with a photo gallery.
  • Obama, who sometimes coaches his daughter's team, made his standard yet never less important statements about the value of the WNBA providing role models for his daughters.
  • Fever coach Lin Dunn took the mic after the Obama finished speaking and thanked him and First Lady Michelle Obama for their work to empower women: "Everyday you folks send a strong message that little girls can do anything they want to do and be anything they want to be." I've written my thoughts about that before in response to Obama's 2009 remarks and they haven't really changed.
    Also, Lin Dunn is a Democrat.
  • 2012 Finals MVP Tamika Catchings presented Obama with a basketball and cap to go along with this Fever jersey. Catchings made a rushed golf swing motion to suggest he use the cap while golfing.

The White House has made the full transcript of the President's remarks available online and you can stay tuned to our storystream on the event for more coverage.