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Open Thread: San Antonio Silver Stars travel to play the Los Angeles Sparks at 7:30 PM PT (10:30 PM ET)

One game tonight and it's going to be a late one for me, but for our West Coast crowd, the timing's just right. The Silver Stars are traveling to LA for a 7:30 PM Pacific Time match or 10:30 for me and folks in the East

Is she trying to steal Layshia's hairdo?  You be the judge!
Is she trying to steal Layshia's hairdo? You be the judge!
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San Antonio Silver Stars (2-3) at Los Angeles Sparks (2-2)

With the absences of Sophia Young and Becky Hammon, the Stars have managed to hold up rather well so far with a 2-2 record but they are losing their overall battles with rebounding and field goal percentage differential. Danielle Robinson leads the league in dimes per game (7.4) and appears to be a beneficiary of the defensive 3 seconds rule which would allow guards like her to slash to the hoop with more ease and to create. She leads SA in free throws made and attempted as well (17-22 in four games; last year she had 55 attempts and in 2011 she had 93 attempts).

For the Sparks, they had a game that they'd rather forget after losing 97-81 to the Mercury last night.where they saw Diana Taurasi score 34 points, dish 7 assists, grab 6 rebounds, and even steal and block twice. It's early, but even though technically everyone is back, this team is still integrating Lindsey Harding into the fold, and Alana Beard has a hamstring energy, but Marissa Coleman is showing signs of life and has been shooting well from three so far and is verating nearly 9 points and 5 rebounds a game which include two starts when Beard had to sit out. We'll see how this team continues to gel.

The "Random" SB Nation songs of the day

Yesterday we had some songs of popular boy groups/bands in the 2000's and now. I forgot some 90's groups like New Edition, or Boyz II Men, though I never thought of them as a boy band, and I did play them in a collaboration with the current Queen of Pop. Shannon also mentioned that The Jackson 5 also have to be in the mix for all time. Today we will reminisce our favorite girl groups/bands.

1. First, the best selling girl group of all time, the Spice Girls. Here is their top song from their 2000 album, Forever, "Holler" which was a top hit in the UK and Australia, but not so much in the US. It's actually my favorite song from them:

I know, there are other bigger hits, like "Wannabe" or "Spice Up Your Life", so I linked them!

2. TLC is next on here. Their album CrazySexyCool is the best selling American girl group album from US sales. I could play "Waterfalls" or "No Scrubs", but I'll embed "Creep" instead,

3. Third, I'm going to have Destiny's Child. They're the third best selling girl group all time and TLC was #2. I'm playing their first hit, "No, No, No Part 2" which was their breakout song.

4. I'll hit a old time group now with The Supremes with "Baby Love"

5. Lastly, this list is pretty biased toward American or Western singers and pop music tends to be that way. But after going past British group Bananarama, the 5th best all time selling girl group worldwide is AKB48, a Japanese rotational pop group consisting of 86 members per its wiki page. I'll link to "Sayonara Crawl", their latest video. In fact Asian popular music groups do have many of the top spots, either from Japan or Korea.

You all liked "Gangnam Style" from PSY last year but even he was not selling as some other groups in his native Korea before the horsey dance went viral. One girl group, Girls Generation (in Korean, the group name is "So Nyeo Shi Dae") has had more number one singles than he has - they're just in the Top 20 of this best selling girl groups list. Two of the members on their Wiki page are Americans and from San Francisco to be exact and a third was born in LA but lived in Korea for most of her life. Here's one of their latest songs called "Dancing Queen" which is not a cover of ABBA's song after vetting the track:

To check out all these top girl groups in a list, click here on Wikipedia.

So debate away on which girl groups are the best whether they're from this hemisphere or from the East, and as always, enjoy tonight's basketball game!