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Indiana Fever visit White House

As is the tradition in sports, the WNBA Champion Indiana Fever visited the White House and met with the President.

Photo provided by the WNBA

The Indiana Fever were excited. Despite their slow start to this season, a meeting in the White House with this President who is such a big supporter of their game lifted the spirits of the Fever team.

"Our whole team has been super excited about this moment just coming here, be present in the White House, talk to the President, be able to shake his hand," Guard Briann January said. "This is the ultimate culmination of that championship and all the hard work we put into the season. It's a great time. I'm enjoying every moment of this."

After the photo op with President Obama and the presentation of a Fever jersey, the team headed out to the South Lawn to give a clinic on basketball and fitness to about 30 local kids. Here's a brief video of January talking about the event.

I'm a horrible photographer, but here's some additional pics:

Swish Appeal's fine young writer, Zach Ward, will have something more comprehensive on this event.