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Open Thread: NBA Finals Game 4 and an open forum for your thoughts on 11 man rosters in the WNBA

There are no WNBA games on today, but we'll still have an open thread tonight for two things. First, Game 4 of the NBA Finals is on tonight at 9:00 PM ET between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. Second, we've talked about this here and there in the comments, but now here is an open topic on the 11 man rosters and what should be done about it.

Please say it's just me, but is LeBron trying to make his practice jersey look like a Superman cape?
Please say it's just me, but is LeBron trying to make his practice jersey look like a Superman cape?

Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs, 9:00 PM ET on ABC

The Spurs lead, 2 games to 1.

Game 3 was a big butt kicking at the Heat's expense. Danny Green and Gary Neal were just on fire from deep, and I didn't know if it was a video game at times. While it's technically not a must win for Miami to win tonight, if they don't win tonight, I doubt that this series is going back to South Beach for Game 6.

Open Topic Thread: 11 man rosters in the WNBA

We've given many complaints on the 11 man roster in this league. As fans, I think this song, which is also the "random" SB Nation tune of the day, is an accurate reflection of our feelings:

In more detail, the 11 man roster flat out sucks. In short, here are some, but definitely not all the reasons why:

1. It inhibits young player development on teams. Therefore, many, if not most teams are weary of retaining draft picks, possibly even just because they have no established baseline level of play.

2. While there is more playing time available, this could just add more wear and tear on players' bodies when they're also playing year round in Europe. So ultimately, there's a higher risk of injury

3. It cuts player jobs in the WNBA. Kind of simple enough here.

4. The WNBA is also ultimately not helping its basketball product. That is the bottom line reason since everything else ties with this fourth point.

While expanding rosters to 12 or 13 players makes too much basketball sense to me, the question is whether the owners want to spend another $50,000 to $60,000 for just one more player. This hits many of the same points in pilight's FanPost regarding whether there's enough talent for expansion in the WNBA. I think we can agree that there's talent for more teams, but if the owners don't want to pay for an extra player or two, let alone prospective owners wanting to own a team, then this is all moot.

So, enjoy tonight's NBA Finals game, and please, we'd like to see some comments on the game! In addition, feel free to comment away on your thoughts on the 11 man roster.