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Open Thread: The Fever plays the Sun at 8:00 PM ET on ESPN 2

Yesterday, we got to see the Lynx take care of business against the Stars after losing the Mystics last Saturday. We also saw the San Antonio Spurs return the Miami Heat a similar blowout to what we saw last Sunday in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Tonight, there's one game on ESPN 2 as the Connecticut Sun travels to Indianapolis to play the Fever.


Last year, these two teams were the top two seeds in the Eastern Conference. Indiana in fact won the whole thing. But this year though it's early, both teams are tied for last place in the same conference with 1-3 records. While I don't expect both of these teams to remain in the cellar of the East for that much longer, I find it hard to believe that one of these two teams will be 1-4 after tonight.

The "Random" SB Nation songs of the Day

Danielle Bradbury, Michelle Chamuel, and the Swon Brothers are the finalists on "The Voice!" (Nate just yelled "Go Blue"). You can click here to get to NBC's site.

One of our community members wanted some classic rock, so here are two selections. First The Romantics and "What I Like About You."

and here's Queen with a song that's not called "We Will Rock You" or "We are the Champions" which we'll play after the NBA Finals and WNBA Finals are done. I never really got this song, but it's a classic in modern music:

Enjoy the game tonight everyone!