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Open Thread: Stars and Lynx at 8:00 PM ET; Game 3 of the NBA Finals at 9:00 PM ET; and "The Voice" is on too!

If you're in San Antonio and you follow both Spurs and Stars basketball, this will be a pretty tough day when it comes to watching all of the Starts as both of your teams are playing tonight. And also... more songs, per the request of the guys who supervise me!

Yeah, Sunday's game was anything but fun for the San Antonio Spurs.  This play is a symbol of that.
Yeah, Sunday's game was anything but fun for the San Antonio Spurs. This play is a symbol of that.
Christian Petersen

San Antonio Silver Stars (2-2) at Minnesota Lynx (2-1), 8:00 PM

LiveAccess nationally, and if you're from the Twin Cities, Fox Sports Net has you covered.

Both of these teams are coming off of losses with the Stars' loss not looking all that bad because they beat the Chicago Sky at home last Friday, but lost to them on Sunday on the road. For the Lynx, they lost last Saturday to the Washington Mystics and were likely weren't taking them seriously. Either way tonight, I expect the Lynx to win this game because they shouldn't have lost to DC, and got the message that the Mystics aren't as tasty of a red velvet cupcake like they were last couple seasons, and will likely take their frustrations.

As Nate said on his list of Most Improved Player candidates, Stars guard Danielle Robinson is a player to watch this season and she should have an expanded role as a scorer, especially with Becky Hammon out due to a broken finger though she was starting all last season anyway. We've seen some glimpses of that when she scored 18 points each on LA and Chicago at home.

Though Nate didn't mention it, one concern I do have on Robinson 's end is that she is a total non factor as a three point shooter, and has yet to make a single one as a professional basketball player so it would be nice to see her get NBA shooting range since that is the big skill that Becky Hammon has and that she lacks. Robinson is not a Hammon replacement of course, but still, developing that shot will help her considerably as well as for San Antonio this season.

Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, 9:00 PM ET on ABC

Series is tied, 1 a piece.

The picture above is a symbolization of a seven or eight minute stretch of the end of the third quarter and early four quarter of Sunday's game. Does that mean that the Heat will steamroll the Spurs three straight times at AT&T Center over the next week? Probably not.

I'm still standing by my assertion that the Spurs win this thing in seven games, because I believe they will win two of three games in their house, and will manage to pull one of the last two games back in Miami. So to me, this Finals is going just the way I expected.

Don't be surprised if the Spurs blow out the Heat in Game 3 like the Heat did to the Spurs in Game 2. This stuff happens often. But I expect most of the rest of the game in the Finals to be nailbiters like Game 1 which was exciting til the end.

The "Random" SB Nation Songs of the Day

Per Nate and Jessica's requests, I've put out a total twist. Our Random songs will focus on songs from the five semifinalists on "The Voice" and I'll even give you a link to the original song, plus maybe an extra tune too. If you aren't watching the NBA Finals on ABC or the Stars and Lynx tonight, we do encourage you to watch "The Voice" which is on tonight at 8:00 PM ET on NBC, and in the West Coast, it's on at 8:00 PM PT. Check your local TV provider since primetime is at 7:00 PM in the Central Time Zone.

Here are the songs:

1. Amber Carrington singing "Sad"...

By Maroon 5.

2. Nate's favorite candidate because of Michigan ties, Michelle Chamuel singing "Time After Time"...

by Cyndi Lauper

...and as a '90's guy the cover by Inoj was also notable.

If you're a rock fan, here's another cover by Quietdrive:

And someone liked this cover she sang too though it was not from yesterday's show...

...I forgot who sang this song.

3. Sasha Allen singing "Bad Girls"... Donna Summer

4. Danielle Bradbery singing "Who I Am"... Jessica Andrews

5. The Swon Brothers singing "Danny's Song"... Loggins and Messina

So that's it. Most of this post was dedicated to finding not only the videos of "The Voice's" candidates singing their tunes, but also the original songs they were covering. Enjoy the games tonight and/or the music!