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The top ten women's basketball YouTube clips

If you were to look at the most viewed women's basketball video clips by the YouTube hive mind, this is what you would see.


YouTube can be a source of news about women's basketball as much as the WNBA website or anything you'd see from a college media director's office. You can find everything there from the serious to the tragic, from videos of championship games gone by to poor attempts at comedy that hold the game in scorn. What follows are the top ten most viewed clips you'll see when you enter "women's basketball" in the search field, hit enter, and close your eyes.

As for the comments, they are usually a hive of scum and villainy - which is why we've linked to the clips directly.

10. 2012 Olympic Qualifier - Japan vs. South Korea. Japan (in white) and Korea (in black) turned basketball into football during their match in the semifinals of the June 30, 2012 Olympic qualifying tournament. It never broke out into a brawl, but there was a lot of pushing and shoving. Japan would lose the following day to Canada in the finals.

9. Brittney Griner/Jordan Barncastle fight. On March 3, 2010, Baylor beat Texas Tech 69-60 but the game was interrupted by a fight between Brittney Griner of Baylor and Texas Tech's Jordan Barncastle. Griner punched Barncastle in the face, breaking her nose. The NCAA suspended Griner for one game and Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey added one game to the suspension. Griner moved on to a pro career and Barncastle - who graduated in 2012 - now works as a healthcare liason after graduating with a degree in biology at Texas Tech.

8. Fight between Okaloosa-Walton College and Tallahassee Community College. This one was posted by the Northwest Florida Daily News. It's not Detroit vs. Los Angeles, but it will do. Most of the action is blocked by the crowd - the video was taken by a spectator. I suppose if it weren't for female players fighting, this one might have been forgotten.

7. Poland basketball fight. A fight between two basketball players in Poland gets nasty with one Gdynia player throwing a left cross at another player. I'm sure someone at could identify those players. Europe isn't a cakewalk.

Update: identified both players as Elaine Powell hitting Montenegrin guard Jelena Skerovic.

6. Kevin Borseth's angry tirade after Wisconsin loss. On February 28, 2008 Michigan squandered an 18-point in the last fifteen minutes of the second half lead to lose to Wisconsin. The videotaped rant made Sportscenter. The Wolverines would finish the season 19-14 and 9-9 in conference.

This was the end of Borseth's first season at Michigan. He would leave in 2012 to take a job closer to home, at Wisconsin-Green Bay - the place that he coached before heading to Michigan. Borseth finished his tenure at Michigan with one NCAA appearance and a 87-73 record.

5. Elizabeth Cambage Olympic Dunk. The shortest clip is just 26 seconds long with Liz Cambage's dunk against Russia during a Olympic match between Russia and Australia. It was the first time that a female basketball player had dunked in an Olympic game.

4. Kevin Hart challenges UConn basketball players, uploaded February 12, 2012. Kevin Hart gets called out by the women's basketball team at the University of Connecticut and a team of Hart and his friends play five-on-five against the Huskies. We never find out what the score was, but we basically see the highlight film of his team...along with some selected lowlights.

It is a very funny video, particularly where the wheels on Hart's team come off and comes with a "high recommend".

"One of my toenails came off...because I was balling so hard."

"Naeem...he looks athletic...he talks athletic...he even seems athletic...but he's a b___ inside."

"Whoever Naeem was sticking, she was lighting his behind up."

"I don't know what Harry was doing. It felt like he was playing with a kickball. He should play in the wheelchair league. I think that would be the best league for Harry, he don't have to use his legs. That's where he went wrong!"

"Spank...he brags about being this Division III athlete at Lincoln...but he got kicked out. He's sixty pounds overweight. Sixty!"

"Wayne was out there like Oliver Miller...he was all the fat players that ever played...he was all of them in one. I don't know what the hell he was doing."

"I'm not even mad at the airballs. He needs glasses."

"One girl's out there on skates! Lame b___a___ goes up for the f____ lay-up and the girl gives him a Ron Artest-type foul. He's on the ground in a fetal position. 'Ow! My p____ hurt!'"

I suspect that Connecticut won that match. :D

3. Brittney Griner as a high school senior. Griner played for Nimitz High School in Dallas, Texas and this is a short clip of some practice dunks. Griner went on to become the #1 WNBA Draft Pick in 2013, and the YouTube commenters went back to their sad and pathetic lives. We learn that LeBron James was one of her favorite players and that she worked a lot on imitating him.

2. CBS video about male practice players, uploaded on January 24, 2007. In this short clip, CBS talks to Stanford male practice players for the women's team and to Seton Hall women's players about the practice of using male practice players to increase the intensity level of practices.

I believe that the headline - "Men Playing Women's Basketball?" - draws a lot of viewers.

1. The Don Imus Incident: by now, this is pretty well known. On April 4, 2007, Don Imus had an on-air conversation about the 2007 NCAA Women's Basketball Championship game that took place the night before where Tennessee beat Rutgers 59-46. A brief transcript of the conversation follows:

Imus: "...girls from Rutgers, man, they got tattoos and..."
Bernard McGuirk, Executive Producer: "....some hardcore hoes...."
Imus: "that's some nappy-headed hoes there, I'm going to tell you that, that's!....the girls from Tennessee they all look cute, y' of like a...I don't know...."
McGuirk: "Spike Lee thing? Jigaboos vs. the Wannabes, that movie that he had?"
Imus: "Yeah, that was a tough...."
McGuirk: "Do the Right Thing?"
Imus: "I don't know if I'd have wanted to beat Rutgers or not, but they did...."

Depite Imus apologizing to the Rutgers team, this was not the first time Imus had made inflammatory comments on the air, and he lost his job with CBS Radio on April 12th. However, he returned to the air on ABC Radio on December 3rd that same year. Imus would continue getting into trouble (the Pacman Jones incident in 2008) and Rutgers would keep winning ball games.

The video actually made the Top 10 twice, making this actually a Top 11 list. Trust me, you can find it on YouTube - you just don't want to read the comments.