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Open Thread: Is this "3 to See Campaign" just getting too biased and coming at the expense of other WNBA teams and players?

I know this season is supposed to be a big one given that Brittney Griner, Elena Delle Donne, and Skylar Diggins are now pros and playing for the Phoenix Mercury, Chicago Sky, and the Tulsa Shock respectively. I'm excited to see them make an impact myself. I really am. But is the WNBA's and ESPN's campaign to market them aggressively coming at the expense of all the other teams and players in the league?

The "#3toSee" campaign doesn't just make some teams like the Mystics appear like they don't matter on TV, but they can even make top teams like the Minnesota Lynx seem forgotten.  You know Coach Reeve isn't happy about that!
The "#3toSee" campaign doesn't just make some teams like the Mystics appear like they don't matter on TV, but they can even make top teams like the Minnesota Lynx seem forgotten. You know Coach Reeve isn't happy about that!
Hannah Foslien

First, I'm going talk about Monday's Tulsa Shock game against the Washington Mystics and ESPN's coverage of that game. I swear to God, I couldn't even turn on the audio for that game without hearing "Skylar this, Skylar that, Skylar this, Skylar that." Seems that the game crew forgot that a whole team: the Tulsa Shock was playing the Washington Mystics, and aside from a quick interview with GM/Head Coach Mike Thibault and acknowledging his accomplishments toward the end of the game, I just couldn't even listen to it. In fact at some point, I just turned the audio feed off for much of the time while the game was on.

Then the halftime show........ oh boy..... when you have the boss of this site, who is NOT a Mystics fan and is saying "No comment on that entire halftime show," that means something isn't right! And this next statement is not on Sue Bird, this is ALL on ESPN. NOT EVEN ONCE did I hear anything that sounded ANYTHING CLOSE TO A LEGITIMATE RECAP ON BOTH TEAMS!

As a basketball fan who regularly watches games on TV, I expect analysis on BOTH TEAMS DURING HALFTIME! And yes, I'd rather hear the halftime show folks say, "The Tulsa Shock should come back and beat the Washington Mystics by 50" than not even mention them at all!

And to add to the previous point, this video recap was just infuriating to watch. I can't say anything intelligent about it other than there didn't seem to be ANY good Mystics plays that showed how they ultimately won the game. Wait, there were none.

I get that the Mystics are not in the playoff picture or in the national WNBA scene and to a good extent, rightfully so. Even I believe they'll be last in the East this year, even with Mike Thibault in DC, even with his improvements, and even after this win which I'm happy about but that's beyond the point. The point is to at least show something more on this Mystics team when they're on National TV 2014 I guess......

After, the Phoenix Mercury and Chicago Sky game seemed to be more about Griner dunking twice than about the Chicago Sky winning this game! So what? I've seen plenty of dunks in basketball games and it's not like we haven't seen Griner do this before. Then again, maybe my NBA basketball fan bias is kicking in so maybe it is significant in some way to some folks. To me? Meh. And her team didn't win the game!

Sorry for being a "meat and potato" basketball fan in the words of now Minnesota Timberwolves GM Flip Saunders, but Griner's defensive game and her expanding offensive game are much more impressive to me than her ability to slam it down.

I realize that this post may sound like I'm just hating on the Big Three just because of the Mystics missing out on them last September. First, I do like the Big Three picks very much and believe they'll be excellent WNBA players and I want to see them do well when they aren't playing DC. Second, I'm over the lottery result and accepted that result a long time ago. Now, I hope that Coach Thibault builds with the youth on this team right now, and have put my full support toward another very good player who I mix up with a singer who has a similar first name, which often gets other folks here saying, "What is this - I don't even" when I get carried away! Hell, I am carried away right now!

But really, even if Brittney Griner, Elena Delle Donne, or Skylar Diggins were playing for the Mystics, I will say the same thing even if other hometown fans rip me for it. I'm well on record believing that Tulsa will make the playoffs and I'm still in the camp that they'll be at least #4 in the West. And while I firmly believe that Phoenix and Chicago will have a good shot to win their conferences, the WNBA marketing team and ESPN didn't just forget that there are nine other teams, but also forgot who the top teams are.

Last time I checked, the Defending Champions are based in Indianapolis, which also happens to be where the Pacers are, where they're just two games away from making the NBA Finals themselves. What about them? Also, I heard that Minneapolis has a great team and a fired up fanbase, and they won the ship two years ago. And I think they still have the upper hand on all of the teams that the Big Three play on! And Los Angeles also has a team that has a player who many believe will win her second MVP award too!

End of rant.

Now I bring this to you, the SB Nation Community.

The 2013 Big Three picks are playing in the pros now which I think we're all legitimately excited about. But do you think that this campaign for the "3 to See" (and I hate using that term - Big Three is better to me) is just too biased? Poll's below, and yes, comments are welcome.

UPDATE at 10:00 PM ET May 30, 2013 - The recap video for the Mystics/Shock game now no longer appears in the embedded section so I took it down.