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The Tulsa Shock is ready to show off its home court advantage and #ShockTheWorld

I've been very complimentary of the Shock this past offseason. And check this out from the team's twitter account:

If that's any indication, I think that the game may be sold out, and I hope that this game can show the true potential of the BOK Center's crowd, not just for the home opener (which may come at the expense of my Mystics), but for the entire season.

And though on Monday May 27 (either later today or tomorrow depending on your location) at 3 PM Eastern or 2 PM Tulsa Time I won't be rooting for them because I will root for the Mystics, I still am really pleased with the way this team has been building from last year with the leadership of Coach Klop and Steve Swetoha and believe this team is still on the right track despite last Saturday's game vs. Atlanta.