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Open Thread: Tayler Hill and the "other three" play today, starting at 3:00 PM ET on ESPN 2 - Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals at 9:00 PM ET

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Give thanks to the troops today for their service because this day is for them. Today is the start of the WNBA season that most wished for. At 3 PM until the early evening we will see two WNBA games which feature the top four picks in this year's WNBA Draft who all come from the teams that didn't make the playoffs last year. All games are on ESPN 2 and WatchESPN. Then at 9:00 PM Eastern, the Grizzlies look to stave off elimination vs. the Spurs in Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals which you can see on ESPN.

If the Getty Images feed gave more respect to Tayler Hill, we'd have a picture of her in a different shade of Red that doesn't make Nate's blood boil.  Those higher ups sometimes are so mean.  I have been too to the Mystics, so maybe we're even?
If the Getty Images feed gave more respect to Tayler Hill, we'd have a picture of her in a different shade of Red that doesn't make Nate's blood boil. Those higher ups sometimes are so mean. I have been too to the Mystics, so maybe we're even?

Washington Mystics at Tulsa Shock (0-1), 3 PM ET

To read a preview on it from Zack, click here because it's good.

ESPN wants to call this match: Skylar Diggins vs. the chumps of the WNBA, which is not invalid but incomplete.

There will also be some places that may want to call this match something along the lines of Crystal Langhorne, Monique Currie, Matee Ajavon, Ivory Latta, Kia Vaughn, and Michelle Snow vs. Skylar Diggins, Liz Cambage, Candice Wiggins and the young team of the future. I disagree because that's also incomplete.

Time to sound like Stephen A. when he's really ready on "First Take." :)

The REAL ANSWER is that this match is between TAYLER HILL and Skylar Diggins!! They're the two rookie lottery draft picks here, both play at the guard position, and we all think that they could be great professional basketball players in their prime. Lastly, Tayler Hill represents the youth movement for DC, while Diggins represents the same for Tulsa.

This is the only chance that the Mystics will be on national TV barring a playoff run (...I know I have to until told otherwise Swish Appeal Admin, click here), and it's because of the team they're playing against than because of that talent they have. And even as Zack said in nicer words, the Mystics provide the best chance of being practice team fodder vs. the Shock which will give Diggins the best possible first impression to fans who are watching her as a WNBA for the first time.

For the Mystics, this season isn't about wins because they need to focus on the future. Showcasing Tayler Hill as a core piece for the future needs to be their NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. No way around it unless she's injured or looks like Kevin Durant after he gave a fan a special basketball in Thunderstruck which won't happen because that's a movie. I will be the first to admit that this view goes against what many if not most Mystics fans believe and possibly even the coaching staff, at least publicly. Also, Nadirah McKenith, Emma Meesseman and Tierra Ruffin-Pratt MUST play meaningful minutes this game and all year. Both of these things are more important than wondering how the veterans feel. I hope that Hill is starting and is getting every opportunity to go against the Skylar Diggins and Candice Wiggins backcourt and if she has the upper hand over them all game, DC may get the upset here before its home opener vs. Atlanta next Sunday.

For the Shock, this is a game that they should be expected to win given that they have more talent than the Mystics and we haven't been able to say that often since the team moved here from Detroit. If Diggins can shoot more efficiently and distribute more effectively, this could be a great game for Tulsa and get the black and gold to 1-1 before four straight on the road. Same goes for Riquna Williams who led the team in scoring last Saturday, but was inefficient shooting the rock.

My gut says that Tulsa wins this game, but it won't be a 20-30 point blowout because Tayler Hill keeps DC in it and starts getting some respect by folks who aren't on this SB Nation blog which include a Michigan alum and the brother of another by the way.

Still, if DC is in position to win it and does so with a Tayler Hill put back crossover buzzer beating three which makes Skylar Diggins lose her ankles in the process, that's going to make this Mystics fan feel VERY opti-MYSTIC. I'm on record for liking Diggins' game, but I support the local team first!

With the Mystics' and Shock's top draft picks at the same age of 22 as of the date of the post. I "hate" to play this video again... but this song will be perfect feeling for either the Mystics if they win because of Tayler Hill or the Shock because of Skylar Diggins:

Chicago Sky at Phoenix Mercury, 5 PM ET

The top two picks in this draft, Elena Delle Donne and Brittney Griner face off in their pro debuts. Some have also intimated that this could be a future WNBA Finals matchup this fall. I don't know if I want to go that far, but though most of the public is more interested in this game than the first one, I am not in that camp given where my loyalty is.

To me there are positional matchups of note to look for. One will be a matchup of two forwards: Elena Delle Donne for the Sky and DeWanna Bonner for the Mercury. They're very tall, both can grab boards, and both can stretch the floor though EDD is better at the last category. The other matchup of note will be how Brittney Griner of the Mercury will fare vs. Sylvia Fowles of the Sky. While we know Griner can be a total game changer at the college level, she's not as strong as many, if not most posts in the W.

Grizzlies vs. Spurs in Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals, 9 PM ET

The Grizzlies are down by 3 games and must win tonight. Besides the first game, the other two have been close. I think Memphis will win the game tonight to live another day but no, they're not winning the series.

Have I been too mean to the Washington Mystics? Watch below.

If "22" isn't the best Taylor Swift song to fit DC this season, well, "Mean" is because the Mystics want to prove us all wrong, and definitely me.

As a fan, I've been harsh on them, but that's because I want them to go for GREATNESS and be the best! Once the team makes strides, I want them to be a DYNASTY! Not a one and done playoff appearance team where the post season comes once every three or four years!

Still, I don't mind a song where the lyrics take a shot at folks like me and other places just because we all believe the Mystics will be last in the Eastern Conference, even considering the excellent offseason that they've had given the circumstances which including getting Mike Thibault as the leader, and drafting Tayler Hill (no pun intended this time). I think we've gone out of our way to point out that their offseason was excellent considering everything to be brutally honest. Well, watch the video of this musical masterpiece here. The lyrics are so fitting.:


Today, we get to see Tayler Hill and the "Other Three" play on National TV. See? I'm putting a positive spin on this thing for DC instead of just being mean to them!

...and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life... (I think I'm just going too far! Maybe I am just really mean! Like Mr. Y U No Guy!)

Anyway, in these games, we hope to see Tayler Hill and the Washington Mystics show that she belongs at the top of this draft class and becomes a key piece for this Mystics team as they all face an improved Tulsa Shock team. Afterwards, we will also get to see the Chicago Sky try to start off 2013 right against a fully loaded Phoenix Mercury squad. Lastly, we get to conclude Memorial Day weekend with the NBA Western Conference Finals between the Grizzlies and Spurs, two teams that play really great "TEAM BASKETBALL."

Enjoy the end to your long weekends everyone! After this long offseason which showed me show my emotions on my sleeve from being really glad to really glum and everything in between, I sure hope that the Mystics, all of them, can play better than expected throughout the summer, so please, prove me wrong Coach T, Tayler, Lang, Mo, and Matee!