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Sunday links: No shocker in who won matchup of last year's best/worst, plus a new twist to Brittney Griner's coming out story

The Minnesota Lynx defeated the the Washington Mystics, 74-57, Saturday night in Bismarck, N.D., the Liberty bested the Sun and some unsettling news was revealed about Baylor's handling of Brittney Griner's homosexuality.

Can Monica Wright (game-high 16 points on Saturday) help her and Minnesota's "Big Three" capture another ring?
Can Monica Wright (game-high 16 points on Saturday) help her and Minnesota's "Big Three" capture another ring?
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Newsworthy topics from the past week:

The local Bismarck media got in on the coverage with The Bismarck Tribune taking a pregame look at "the trio" of Seimone Augustus, Lindsay Whalen and Maya Moore and how they've made the Lynx a dominant team in recent years.

Everyone is talking about Brittney Griner joining Diana Taurasi in Phoenix, and L.A.'s got a great team as well with the reigning rookie of the year, the WNBA's most improved player and a near MVP award winner, but, as this article points out, Minnesota has been the best regular season team in the WNBA two years in a row now. Who's to say they aren't still the team to beat?

The Mystics' roster continues to look more and more different from last year's, as this week saw the team add Jessica Moore and cut Natalie Novosel.

As Albert mentions in his post, Drey Mingo was also cut, but she would have been an addition to the team had she remained, whereas letting go of Novosel could be seen as another step in the Mystics distancing themselves from 2012. Her departure leaves four remaining players from last year's roster: Crystal Langhorne, Monique Currie, Matee Ajavon and Michelle Snow. However, it should be noted that those four more or less made up the core of the Mystics last year, a core that Mike Thibault wasn't sure he would keep together when he was first hired back in December.

On to the actual game:

The Lynx led by 4, 8 and 8 at the end of the first three quarters respectively, but pulled away to win by 17.

Albert gives a quick reaction post to what was a rough game for a couple of key Mystics players against a superior team.

And here's the recap from the Star Tribune's perspective.

The Lynx dominated in a lot of categories, perhaps most notably trips to the line. The Mystics had the advantage in field goal percentage at some points during the game, but as this article mentions, they were on the wrong side of that battle in the end as well.

Around the WNBA:

The Liberty defeated the Sun, 78-67, in the only other preseason game on Saturday.

Albert sums up the game and compares the Mystics' handling of young players' minutes in the preseason to that of the Sun.

And finally, there is big news out about Brittney Griner and her time at Baylor.

Brittney Griner feeling comfortable enough to come out shortly after being drafted into the pros shows how far we've come in the battle for the accpetance of gay athletes. But we see how far there is still to go when we hear she may have wanted to come out sooner.