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Two Preseason Games: New York hosts rival Connecticut; and DC plays Minnesota in Bismarck, ND

Two games today featuring WNBA teams playing each other or in other words games when they're NOT playing national teams.

The Minnesota Lynx Big Three isn't going to let hometown girl Tayler Hill, now of the Washington Mystics light them up, even if it's in Bismarck!
The Minnesota Lynx Big Three isn't going to let hometown girl Tayler Hill, now of the Washington Mystics light them up, even if it's in Bismarck!
Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE

So here are the games:

1. Connecticut Sun at New York Liberty, 4 PM ET at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ

This is the Sun's second preseason game and they'll play against the New York Liberty team that hopes to erase the debacle that was when they played the Sky on Wednesday. Given that the Libs lost to the Sun last weekend (read Queenie's post here) I still think they'll lose again for whatever reason.

2. Washington Mystics at Minnesota Lynx, 8 PM ET at the Bismarck Civic Center in Bismarck, ND

No LiveAccess, etc., but in the Twin Cities, catch 106.1 BOB FM to listen to this game.

If you don't know how big the Bismarck Civic Center is, it holds over 10,000 people according to its Wiki page. In addition, the team used to be home of the Dakota Wizards D-League team but it was bought out by Golden State Warriors majority Joe Lacob and moved to Santa Cruz, CA where the team is now known as the Santa Cruz Warriors. (Why does this site just always seem to revolve around that team? hmmmm.)

To me, for the Mystics, this is a game for them to show what they can do against a top tier team and may be a barometer of sorts so they can see how far away they are from being that type of team, though I don't think that the Lynx starters will play that much give that they will play Connecticut, a more even opponent on Tuesday.

For the Lynx, while they shouldn't take the Mystics lightly since they have a legitimate top tier coach now, this game is a tune up for them to evaluate younger players like how their glut of rookie guards like Lindsey Moore, Sugar Rodgers, and Chucky Jeffery may fare against Tayler Hill, Nadirah McKenith, and Tierra Ruffin-Pratt. Also I want to see how Devereaux Peters continues to develop in her sophomore season because she was the #3 pick in the 2012 Draft after all...

Lastly, though this is not a front page story line by any means, both teams have players who are from the other city. Lynx guard Sugar Rodgers is from Georgetown University which is in Washington, DC and is from Suffolk, VA which is in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area of the Commonwealth. In addition, Mystics guard Tayler Hill is from Minneapolis so I wonder what WNBA team she had the most access to as a kid...

And some reading below for both teams, which have some of the most in-depth in house media on their WNBA teams by the way.

On LiveAccess...

There's more news actually. Kind of, involving the streaming of WNBA games.

The cost of WNBA LiveAccess is now $14.99, so basically triple the $4.99 price last season. Click here on more details.

So that's it. This can be an open thread of sorts if you want to call it that, but with neither game on national media, all we can do is check box scores in real time unless we're in Newark or Bismarck.... I'm kind of hoping that Monumental Network pulls up another full replay of the Mystics/Lynx game.

UPDATE at 1:50 PM

Sugar Rodgers is in DC right now because Georgetown University is having commencement exercises this weekend. Devereaux Peters is out for personal reasons. Forgot to check the Twitters.... Either way, this gives Chucky Jeffery and Lindsey Moore more time to show what they can do later tonight.