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WNBA Live Access to cost $14.99 for the 2013 season

If you're waiting to see how much online streaming of non-market games will be in 2013, the site has been updated and that's the price. The new price is triple the $4.99 price in the 2012 season which is basically the same price as 20 Chicken McNuggets at McDonald's.

I hate being self serving, but I think this is a good thing, and also implied that this would happen in the Phoenix Mercury "#ManUpChallenge Rant" and no, I haven't changed my stance on it.

There will be a free trial of LiveAccess until May 26 if you are wondering whether to buy it or not. But I don't think this should be a game changer in a bad way given that $14.99 is still a very low price relatively speaking.

UPDATE at 9:45 PM - If you had LiveAccess last year, with a promo code, you can buy it for $12.99. The NBA sent this out via email earlier this afternoon.


Enjoy the discount.